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Tonight - Activate Christmas party @ Blue Point

Thursday - maybe a movie?

Friday - going to visit a freind in burlington at night

Saturday - playing at Footwork

Sunday - Playing at Metro.. yes.. on christmas eve!

Monday - Visit Fam

Tuesday - Old school Boxing day party @ Footwork! :D


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you're so waaaay ahead of me in terms of planning.

all i know is i'm having a party on friday night, leaving for ottawa on saturday morning at 10am, and the rest of the week and next weekend are pretty much totally up in the air.



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My holidays are looking fine

I am workigna bit, cuz my true love is money..hahhaha

I don't really plan too far ahead, but I know I'll have some good stories sometime this weekend

EDIT, I am so with jess on this one, cheers to spontaneity



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thurs - parents over for dinner
fri - work christmas lunch, then off early and driving to cambridge
sat - tues - christmas in cambridge

The Kid

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Tonight - Dinner with friend
Tomorrow - Work Christmas part-eh!
Friday - Half day at work, recover from Christmas party
Weekend - Christmas stuff with le fam.


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friday - pack
saturday - fly
sunday - watch football drink beer
monday - drive
tuesday - drive


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Tonight: Movie
Thursday: Sister, brother-in-law, nephew arrive from Timmins
Friday: ??
Saturday: GET MARRIED!
Sunday-whenever: Family stuff


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from the dawns of time, there has been a single force of awesomeness in the universe... a culmination of cool, fun and dance that we call... CHRIS.

this raw energy and power will be harnessed possibly tonight on king street for the explosions of music, definitely oscillate and vibrate tomorrow for breaks at queenshead, probably ruin jesux's party by hiding the bathroom with all the sketchy people, flee the villagers to my refuge in oakville and then demand presents from annual gift giving robot from the moon.

hurricane katrina ain't got shit on me.


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tonight: somebody wants me to go to Menage for the ironic value. no, seriously. Im not moving. euro had it's time and place, and I snorted every second of it. it's gone now. and I waved.
thursday: Hotel
friday: I have to run into TIL to get my CoZo NYD tix, so I guess Ill hang out there for a while
saturday: the usual Drink/Gallery
sunday: nothing
monday: grandmother's house for about 5 hours. this is all the family time I can take. Kaitlyn is picking me up on her way back from Windsor.


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Fri- b-day dinner with girls then Old School Jungle at College St Bar
Sat- Work, xmas shop
Sun- family family family
Mon- repeat

terrawrist III

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tonight-game night with a few friends
tomorrow-college street bar jungle mayhem
saturday-gift exchange with friends
sunday-head to pickering for a few days


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Tonight: decorate my tree!

Thurs: last day of work!! drinks with co-workers, maybe karokee (eek!)

Fri: day off, shopping, then drinks with da girls- perhaps toi bar

Sat: more shopping with sister-in-law, wrap gifts, chill out

Sun- Mon: family family FAMILY :)

Tues: Boxing day SHOPPING!

Hawk Eye

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Tonight: work/gym/wrap some gifts/clean up
Thursday: work/gym
friday: work till 12/gym/massage/help friend move/freinds xmas dinner
saturday: manicure/pedicure/going to pickering - family stuff
sunday: in pickering/family stuff
Monday: family-going to oakville-see my new little cousin! (born last week)


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tonight - putting off xmas shopping again
tomorrow - getting hair colored then meeting elektron for christmas bevvie
friday - working a half day, doing all of my xmas shopping :O , taking the cat in, packing, collapsing
saturday - giddy up at 5am for my flight home til thursday.


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tonight - sleeping getting rid of hangover #1

thurs - work then club xmas party (open bar for our staff...yikes)

friday - hangover #2 xmas shopping then DJ gig

Sat - xmas shopping then work at the club

sunday chill (insert beatbox sound here) wraping gift exchange with the wife...

monday - drive up to parents for xmas fun

tues - drive home


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Tonight - go out with friend visiting from Jolly Old England.

Thursday - sleep in (YAY!), do some shopping, go to Mandarin for work Xmas dinner and attempt to eat more than co-workers.

Friday - XMAS party time!

Saturday - Somehow work for 9 hours, then jump on a bus to Niagara.

Sunday - Drink, eat and be merry with Dad! Maybe go to his friend's family dinner, seeing as we're the only family in Canada and have nowhere else to go.

Monday - More eating and drinking and merry-times. Maybe go hang-out with Joe Seven and his fam.

Tuesday - Nurse massive hangover. Take bus back to T.O.


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Thursday : Happy Mondays @ FW is gonna be fun, i get to see some of my idols!! Well sorta, it aint ryder, but will still be fun!!!

Friday : Maybe dinner with a few friends, them MAYBE end up at Ferrer, i do wann show some support to the boogiemonster...

Sat : Well this is where i fall short... Either goto Windsor to see the lovely JLV for xmas or hit FW on the evening!!

Sun : Windsor - EAT, Drink and be Merry

Monday : As above

Temper Tantrum

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i'm doing stuff with people :p
errrrrrrrr yeah. aside from the 14-18 hour days between my two jobs? i'm good. but i intend to have a LOT of fun said holiday season.

that is all.


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going back to mom's new place on saturday morning. it's a town of 5000 people. it will be a nice change from the 4 million of toronto and i plan to enjoy just that. chillaxin till back to work on wednesday!!


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Celebrating the holiday weekend by lying my pale ass on Bondi Beach and throwing a shrimp or two on the Bar-by! :D

Merry Chrismikah to all!


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let's just say it involves cuba, drinking and watching fireworks at the las parrandes festival.

i'm pretty excited and i'm sure it'll make up for the fact that i'm at work right now getting everything ready so i can actually take some vacay time :|

it better.


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tonight - get tree
friday - shop (finally)
saturday - probably shop some more
sunday - relax, make cookies
monday - open prezzies, breakfast and chill at home then dinner at in-laws (aurora)
tuesday - whole day with my family + boxing day dinner with more people (toronto)