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The hilarioussest hilariousness in all hilariousness


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"Colorful" is an anime show from Japan that only ran for one season. It features short (e.g. 60-second) skits that offer an insight into the male mind and is hilarious as shit. These episodes are subtitled in Spanish, but you don't really need subtitles anyway.

It is one of my favourite shows of all time. Full stop. Probably because every guy has been in at least a couple of these situations LOL

PS - the theme song kicks ass.

PPS - in case you didn't know: in anime, nosebleed = horny

CLICK for opening theme

CLICK for episode one

CLICK for episode two

CLICK for episode three

CLICK for episode five

CLICK for episode five


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That theme song is teh fucking wickedest Japaskacore of all Japaskacore! Funny shit to boot. Thanks for the linkys.

Phat Trick

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I started to watch the first clip, but the first 15 seconds made me think that this should have had a NSFW warning. I'll have to check it out when I get home.
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