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The high capacity battery replacements for ipods are awesome!


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I invested 50 bucks in a high capacity ipod replacement battery for my 3g ipod as it was only getting about 4 hours of play time these days. Installing the battery was easier than i expected and now the sucker just plays and plays.

It may be worth doing if you have a perfectly OK ipod with a fading battery that is not covered by the applecare plan anymore....

The one I used:



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I did the same thing recently to replace the fading battery on my 2nd generation 10GB iPod. I was only getting 20min of battery time in the last few weeks before replacing. Useless! New battery goes forever. Easy to replace and has a lifetime warranty.

I ordered a replacement battery from: http://www.kokopellimusic.us/


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Does anyone know where you can get these high capacity replacement ipod batteries in TO or the GTA? I need one for my ipod mini. Thx.