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the hardest Sketch Funk mix known to mankind...


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well, it is until Micheal Jatas decides to switch genres and do battle. ;)

so here's a mix I did


Heads and Decks and dj Shasta Elliott present
Sketch Funk

untitled 003A
Jelo - Subscriber (original mix) [Bug Eyed]
Jim Fish - flawed surface [Humanoid]
Jelo - Subscriber (D.A.V.E. the Drummer Mix) [Bug Eyed]
Traxster - Flashback #1 [Primate Endangered]
Alexander K - Mechanical Mambo (Vitamin D remix) [Babe]
Pete Simpson - Pusher 003 A1 [Pusher]
Steril - Like a Mystery [Lasergun]
S.I.Futures - Eurostar [Sven Vath remix]
dk - Murder Was the Bass [dk]
Andreas Kremer - and disco (harald klotzberg remix) [Lifeform]
Mark Williams - Process Beats (original mix) [Real Sessions]
Pete Simpson - Pusher 003 B1 [Pusher]
Hatjak w/ Hatiras - It Was (Original) [Blow Media]
Underworld - Born Slippy

there's always room for Jelo, peace
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Originally posted by adorablehomeboy

there's always room for Jelo, peace

Just like there's always room for another fabulous Shasta Elliot mix on my hardrive... :D

Shit... I hope there's room... :p

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