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the "happy trails loress" thread


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Who's gonna have brunch with me?
Who's gonna smoke me silly that I get lost on bloor street after?
Who's gonne meet me in the Port Credit on christmas day for drinks?
Who's gonna randomly moon me?

Good luck Lori Mac, I love ya like a love chocolate


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happy trails mutherfucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so I guess no see before you leave?

Dr Funk MD

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So I see Lori leaving Footwork on Saturday and I'm drunk and I figure it's probably the last time I'll see her and I'm drunk (did I mention that). So I grab her and start ranting about her leaving and good luck and I realise that I don't know what the fuck she's even going for, so I'm like "I hope you have fun working... or find what you're looking for or... or moving out there to-"

"To live." She says plainly.

And it wasn't until a little later that I realised that that was the perfect reason to do anything so drastic. Just to live and to experience and see something new. It made me a little sad and a little happy.

So Lori, you're an amazing girl, I wish I had have the chance to get know you better. Maybe I'll still have the chance in the future but for now I hope you live happily in your new city.
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good luck, l-rock...

this city really won't be the same without you within it!

i'll miss seeing you out, randomly groping me, and generally being a beligerant party asshole... or as it's more daintily referred to as "free spirited".


have an awesome time, kiddo! give ian many purple nurples on my behalf.

(also - your phone isn't working any more! get in contact with me if you want to hook up/drink/dinner before you go. i'm not sure if there's something that's already been arranged!)


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Does this mean I have to start looking in the "Vancouver" thread so that I can get the real 411 on what's going on over there?

Best of luck Loress


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Have fun and be safe! I really enjoyed my time in BC, I'm sure you will too. Make sure you take some time to visit the Banff & Kootenay areas, in both the summer and winter, so beautiful.


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No need to worrie T-dot peeps... shes moving in with the coolest cats in Van City. We run tings out here (hehe)... shes in good hands!



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all the best on your awesome adventure lori!!

i hope you and syd are really happy out there and it's all that you want it to be. you'll be missed here in flat ol toronto. but we'll keep the dancefloor nice and slippery for ya. big you up gyal!
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GOOD LUCK! You will just have the greatest time in Vancouver. I am so happy for you.

keep in touch, miss. :)

Sugar D

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All the best Lori!

Even though I haven't been out in ages, I'll miss bumping into you at parties and talking incoherently to you :p

Shred those hills sista!
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Yay for adventures!!!! :) :)

All the best to you on your west coast travels, and have a blast enjoying all that awaits.


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word up lori!
i hope you have an amazing time living in BC.

if you go to any shows or full houses, make sure you chug some beer in the alley beforehand!


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wish i could party with you one more time....

we'll always have crab meat, chocolate and crazy weird movies and ever so much more......

miss you


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haha, I remember PM-ing you about this back at Christmas:

~Loress~ said:
anyone up for a session in the west end? port credit area..

I think Vancouver will beat Port Credit.


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Bye Lori! Hope you have an amazing time. It's beautiful over there, but we hope you can come back here often. :)


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Wow! Another conversion - yay! i made the move to vancouver in feb, back in t.o for another few weeks then back to van so maybe i'll get to meet you on the west coast! Safe flight and congrats on your adventure!


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Good luck Lori, you'll be back before we even know it. I will warn Toronto in advance.

Here's to a stand up gal who can hold a beer like nobody's bidnizz!
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