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the hallowe'en spice at koolHAUS


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A kick ass night!! Went for the breaks but found myself rinsin out in the Drum n' bass room. the guys on the stilts were a little creepy though. It was also weird partyin in the hallway for the breaks. but overall, a kick ass time!
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Yeah, as one who also went for the Breaks, I was kind of disappointed with the location, but hey... I suppose they double-booked the Orange Room or something. Whatever. The hallway worked out well enough once it wasn't so totally mashed.

Uberzone were super-fun to watch. D-Monic played a wicked set (I missed his set at Pure Phunk 3, and honestly don't know if I've ever seen him spin before... he's definitely the badman). Hyper was also pretty good, I think... I got in at like 12:30ish, and didn't realize that three hours had passed until I tried to order a drink... whoops. So yeah, most of the night is also a bit of a blur.

Wanted to catch Grooverider's set, but only caught the last couple songs :( And as soon as they switched from breaks to hiphop in the hallway, we came out to see whoever the last DJ in the main room was (who was awesome). stayed there until close.

As for the door staff, they were pleasant enough, but there was some major miscommunication between the bouncers and the ticket-booth ppl:
me: "Hey, We're trying to get to the Orange Room."
bouncer: "Oh, you have to go in through Charlie's"
<wait in really short line to get into Charlies>
ticket-checker: "You're at the wrong party. you want that massive lineup instead to get into KoolHaus."
me: "Yeah, but the bouncer said this is how we get into the Orange room..."
ticket-checker: "No, he's wrong, you want the other line up, trust me."

So umm... yeah. whatever. We were only in line (and yes, we had tickets) for like 30 mins tops.

A shout out to the Elvises up from Chicago.

And fun story fact #3: Until about noon on Friday I thought that I was going to be spending the weekend in Ottawa at a kegger. Thanks to my friends who managed to score me a ticket and costume on such short notice. This party really made my month.


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my feet hurt

my left foot is all swollen and i've been limping around all day

didnt stay long. but it was good.

im angry the orange room was double booked and we got shafted to that makeshift hallway party. booo!

the high stage was cool, but i wanted to be able to see what uberzone was doing up there. half the time i coul only see the djs and performers from the shoulder down as my view was obstructed by the ceiling.

the sound in the main room made me feel like i was about to puke or stop breathing or have a spontaneous nose bleed. so unfortunately i didnt stay in there much and i missed a-trak :(

uberzone was good though. mmmm several versions of botz and freaks and 2 kool for skool! yay!
dmonics set following uberzone was good too! nice to see a local playing between headliners for once. :)
robb g, omfg!? 808 state (cubik? i cant remember!) and orbital (memory hazy...was that lush or impact: the earth is burning? none the less it was a remix which i dont have (yet) let us know what it was someone). thanks for the oldschool breaks :)

it was hot. why did my costume call for a scarf!? (i was dressed as a 19th century british street urchin/chimmeny sweep. yeah i know, its more fashion than a custume. mehs i say!)

god times, but very upset that we got shafted so that boy's life or whatever it was could have the orange room for their good damned circuit house party thing. booo!



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double booked ?

how does the biggest nightclub in Canada double book a room on HALLOWE'EN !?!?!?!?!

you people are blind.

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Patrick has a viable point. I've always avoided parties there b/c of the poor organization...and juice monkey freak bouncers


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i'll admit, i knew there would be a line, but we got held up and got there later than expected. so in a way, that is our fault. however, there have been many good points brought up in this thread for why there shouldn't have been a line at all. and i don't know if we got there at the worst possible time, but the line was fuckin LONG. the person i wanted to hear most was fresh, and it would have abused me to know he was spinning while i was outside waiting in line. so we said 'fuck it' and sold our tickets.

i can't stand the guvernment complex, but i love dnb. i have personal reasons why i don't go to all-ages parties, so i'm pretty much stuck in a catch-22. theory seems to be the only company throwing licenced parties now-and-days. (mad appreciation for theory for doing this and all the talent they are bringing in. i just wish it wasn't at koolhaus.)

Originally posted by T
ill personally buy all three of you a drink if you make it out

anyhow, T we will hold you up to that. (well, non-alcoholic drinks maybe.)
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What party in the Orange Room?

At least I can say I partied in a hallway now... that's all I have to say about that.

Props to Rainbow Bright, and Staypuff Marshmallow man... way to represent with the Halloween spirit.


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Originally posted by patri©k
double booked ?

how does the biggest nightclub in Canada double book a room on HALLOWE'EN !?!?!?!?!

you people are blind.


all advertising for this party said focus in the orange room

two weeks leading up to the event flyers went out for some boy's life party and said the orange room.

i was worried. my worries were confirmed. so not happy. i needed to sit down and pumpkins and speakers do not equal seats.

my feet and back still hurt. :(



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You givbe the bouncer a $20, no matter how late it is, there's never a problem.

Matt <--- bribery always gets your way!


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first up, MAD respekt to the one like Marcus. Announcement from the stage that "This one is about the music" and going light on the MCs. That announcement alone would have made my night.

but then Grooverider played some of the sickest music I had ever heard, and the night just got better.
CADDY CAD, you are now the most tasteful MC I have ever seen. Thank you for being a welcome addition to my night.

DJ SS...
Can't say enough. Or saying anything would diminish it.

okay, one thing I will say... declining to rewind = HERO.

Lots of skin, I'm not complaining but I preferred the costumes with a little more coverage. Mini-chun-li, tall dark angel, listerine man (not a bottle of listerine, but "listerine man", damn original).

looking forward to Photek.

"If music is truth, I am simply SYRuM"

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Originally posted by Sugar D
ha ha those are my buddies... they're crazy :D

Hey -- we met those guys and partied with them afterwards -- super nice guys. Can you get me contact info for Dan? He came back to our place to spin for a while but I missed getting an email addy...
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Klubmasta Will

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we didn't arrive until about 3 am but we still had a fantastic time.

'theory' may be the most solid promoter out there right now.

congrats and respect to the theory and focus crews.

looking forward to your next jams.


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I was impressed.

This was my first Theory experience and I wasn't disappointed. Upon arrival I was very worried about getting in, as the line was huge (around 12:30ish)...fortunately, it went really fast and we were in after 20min or so of waiting. Not too bad for a guv party and for it being Halloween.

Venue: Kool Haus owns. It was pretty tight when we got in, but thinned out shortly after. Regardless there was always room to dance, which was key. Like most, I was a little pissed about the orange room, or lack of, but I was happy to see that Theory solved the problem opposed to just cancelling it. How Guv screwed this one up is beyond me...doesn't say much for thier organizational skills, it's actually quite pathetic. Anyhow, Theory did a great job in terms of visuals. The lights in the back of the KH were a nice addition.

Music: I knew this was going to be a great night when Marcus picked up the Mic and told the crowd that it was all about the music for the evening and toning back the MC's. Never thought I'd here that, but it worked. Grooverider destroyed the place and SS followed up with another killer set. A lot of new tunes blended with some (relative) oldies. I heard Twisted while in line, but wasn't overly impressed...his formula is getting very tiresome. A-Trak was great, loved the Outkast drop towards the end. Mampi was solid as well. The Orange room was decent. Caught a bit of most sets and it was never boring. Only complaint was thes sound in KH. A bit too loud, my ears have never rung so loud. I wish I had remembered my earplugs.

Crowd: Friendly. Didn't get a single request or offer for drugs, which was nice. Not as many dancers as I would have expected, but whatever.

All in all a great night from my perspective. I don't think my body has ever hurt so much from all the dancing. I'll definitely hit another Theory event, especially if they continue to minimize the MC factor.


j bunny 2000

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Good night all around. The line up outside wasn't too bad, but the secruity lady at the door certainly "felt Me up" if u know what i mean. I was very sad that the orange room wasn't open, like they said on the flyer, but an uber amount of booze cured my sadness. I really liked the decor, it was really well done. The monsters on stiltz was a really nice touch and except one of them almost fell on top of me.

I saw so many people i hadn't seen in such along time. My old milton jungle crew was there so we had a tearful reunion !! Too much fun and too much booze = painful saturday!!! More people need to dress up next time.



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went for the breaks, stayed for the breaks.....hyper is the man, no doubt about it, he was rockin it hard. uberzone also had it goin on, but they didn't play long enough, sure they are playing live, but damn with those tracks...keep them coming. as for the hallway of a room, pretty weak, but hey when a party goes on, you always have to expect something is not going to be as you hoped. hey at least the dj's showed up, that is the key, and they did and they represented.
i told hyper after his set that he needs to book his toronto dates a little closer together, we need breaks like that a little more often. damn was it good to hear such great beats so loud...see ya next time.....plus there could have been a few more ladies, but hey, next time....until then...peace!!

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I had a fucking blast.
The booth in the breaks room was hillarious, a little too far but very cool. It was a bitch climbing up and down in a space along the wall.

The DNB room was off the hook. I miss the "big room", multi-genre party. The sound was ridiculous (in a good way of course).
I'm glad that FOCUS and THEORY are going to be working together in the future. Such a dope jam!!!



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IMO from a crowd control perspective you can't let a linup like the one Patrick descibed into the guv all at once, especially if you're searching. It's a convenient but bad layout to have the coatcheck so close to the door, especially when everybody's on the way in. It would get ridiculous if they were to let 300 odd people in at once...



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Originally posted by Plato
theres pics up at http://www.earwaks.com/ if anyone cares to view them.
pretty funny shit there.


some nice pics on that site... here are my favs:









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