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The Future of Microchip Brain Augmentations


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OK, check it out:

Last week in Calgary researchers grew aplysia neurons on a microchip and connected them in such a way that the microchip was able to teach the neurons. http://www.sciscoop.com/story/2004/2/22/8639/16240

This means that we're probably in for a whole slew of animal/microchip/AI business, and this will lead to a great deal of ethical questions.

One of the most fundamental problems of AI is that the machine lacks a 'self' from which to distinguish subject and object, and generate all semantic meaning. This problem could be solved by augmenting animal brains with microchips. You could send animal brains into space to pilot robots, never to return. I am personally against modifying the brains of animals with microchips, it's bound to end up in an animal based cyborg slave race and i'm not down. It's already happening, and it is most likely not going to stop.

"We can rebuild him... we have the technology" Another issue is about tampering with human brains and body parts. I believe a person should be able to give consent to have their body and brain augmented, especially for the handicapped, but cyborg soldiers give me the creeps. Military groups already coerce soldiers into taking all kinds of crazy drugs and shit, it is a hop skip and a jump to body/brain augmentations. Considering who funds most technological development I bet we'll see it go down.

Once we start augmenting our race we make ourselves obsolete.

So what's up? This technology can clearly lead to serious problems, but it could also be used for truly incredible benefits. connecting human consciousness together could smash the ego and help us harness technology to evolve into some kind of crazy meta-conscious immortal machine beings. That shit WOULD be pretty phat and it's just one possible end. We could end up in the matrix too... who knows?

Input? Insights? Speculation?
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Originally posted by DaPhatConductor
Input? Insights? Speculation?

Hooking up 6 neurons to a couple of capacitors is nothing.

Hype, hype, hype, hype.

It's much like the cloning thing-- we ain't fucking doing a goddamed thing, but we certainly are good at pretending we are!


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This opens up a whole world of possibility Timo. This technology, and human cloning too, are just in their infancy, wait and see what happens. We'll read about some crazy shit soon, and far crazier shit will go on without our having the foggiest idea.