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the funniest picture I've seen in a LONG time.

why not

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i noticed posters around queen street for some punk band that featured a photochop of moshzilla.
it made me think of tribe.

the looter/moshzilla chop in the other thread is wicked - you even see that fat chinese kid in the background.


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is this a TRIBE only thing?

I will be surprised if this isn't the kinda shit other sites link to and soon becomes a web-legend.

it has to be the perfect photo chop pic.

hilarious! (could you imagine if it gets it's own site where anyone can add a chop of their own...huge!)

someone should do it...i'm sure you could sell some ad space on it.
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Originally posted by mikeryan
Just needed to revive this thread to give a few people a few Saturday morning laughs... :)
is it lame to point out that this is the one year anniversary (plus one day) of the beginning of this thread?

my tummy hurts from having a way too much wine last night. :(
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shortbus said:
some interesting new ones as well (*all except swimming one made by my boyfriend credit: me)

That is the scariest thing I have EVER seen. I'm actually uncomfortable with even the memory of seeing that.


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someone please start a new photochop war thread, PLEASE!!! We're in stitches over here!!!


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that is the funniest shit i have seen in a looong time.....my fiance is playin call of duty 4 on xbox and actually paused it to bust out laughing..he never does that!
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I was trying to find the OCAD one, that was pretty good too. Unfortunately the Ebay girl thread is missing most of the pics now.