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The Frontiline documentary on NSA spying is really worth watching


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It is a two part series on how the NSA spying on Americans (and everyone else) began and how it grew out of control.

Truly a sad state of affairs that mostly would have remained hidden and whistleblowers muzzled if it were not for Edward Snowden, the Guardian & the Washington Post.

I was really dismayed at how the US government got the New York Times to kill the story in the early days before Snowden until one of their reporters threatened to publish a book privately about the spying. It was the reason Snowden did not release his story to the NYT when he went public. I had no idea about that and I have totally lost respect for the NYT for being such a patsy for the US government.

Worth watching.

United States of Secrets | FRONTLINE | PBS

United States of Secrets | FRONTLINE | PBS
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