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The Foolish Saturday


TRIBE Member
Yay... April Fool's Day!
I am just happy that we're getting closer to summer... :) patio, cottages... mmmm

Good morning! How are you all? What's in store for today?
I am just about to jump on my new treadmill and give it a test run... then dim sum, then workout class, then poker night.
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Ditto Much

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Heading into work to clean up some really bad javascript. Likely going to take me until I go for a beer or to watch F1
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Was up at 7:30 - grrr - went out to run some breakfast errands and am now enjoying some coffee and a bagel with cheese. No class today but I have a gym appointment at 10:30 and oodles of writing to get through this afternoon before seeing the lovely miss Poot for dinner.


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gym soon. then HOUSE INSPECTION!!! woohoo!! then clean/declutter condo. make it funky later.



TRIBE Member
going out for lunch and shopping (well, window shopping for me since i am cut off!) with my big sis in a few hours. later - who knows?

Richard Raiban

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i went to bed @ 11.30 lastnight and woke up @ 8.45am. i feel really good knowing that im not sleeping my day away.

things to do:
take my lil zoe for a walk
make breaky
possibly go to the gym (that'll take me up to noon)
then from there whatever i feel like :D
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last day of shooting hockey tournament and dealing with crazy hockey parents.

Then be lazy for aft/eve.


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I really want to just do nothing today, i.e. cook and watch movies and lie around but I have a paper to work on. Asides from that we're going to the store soon (I hope cause I'm starving) to buy stuff for a crepe breakfast.
At least the weather is kind sucky so I'm not tempted to go outside later.


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Well I'm finally finished work....yesterday was my last day. Now I have 2 weeks of nothing. What to do? Probably cleaning my house would be a good idea for a rainy Saturday.


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well, it's a very rainy, kinda gross day here in ottawa, but after 22 degrees and sunny yesterday - i really can't complain. besides, maybe this rain will bring out some nice colour in what is a very very grey and yellow city at the moment.

my house is super clean (i did the frantic spring-clean-everything-including-windows yesterday), so i've got a wonderfully chill day planned, after a crazily hectic week. basically, today will involve some kind of low-key anniversary celebration with the boy, and a whole lot of nothing else. woo!!
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Mrs. Pink

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picked up an accoustic guitar yesterday, so i'm gonna work on my album, then have band practice at 3pm.....then at night, dunno yet....wanna shake this feeling i have though....so maybe a night of partying is just what the dr. ordred.....

glych t.anomaly

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i picked up my acoustic yesterday too ! [ its was at my friends placefor the last 5 months ]

today, squash and gym, dinner at me baba's [ macedonian fer grandmother ] then i dont know



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Went to bed early, up early. Gonna have breakfast, read the paper, hit the gym, afternoon nap, and then get funky!!!


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Just picked up crepes and coffee's

Day will be spent tidying the place. The rain outside is strangely soothing. It's washing all the shitty dust off the streets and my balcony, and washing out my big area rug too
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terrawrist III

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library,bank,HR block,maybe some quick clothes shopping,reading,maybe even a work-out...then drinks!

so glad this spring weather has shaken out my winter blah-blahs:)


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lost my wallet and alllllllllll my id last night, down to my birth certificate, which i NEVER carry except it was in there to renew my passport. this was on the streetcar on my way out - i didn't see the gigantor gaping rip in the bag i was carrying until later.

i'm SO sad (and sketched out at work and all the computers except for this one are down)


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@ work until 4. Ottawa is a soggy mess today, so I don't really mind being here. I have a wicked awful cold too, so I'm sure my clients love the fact that I'm prolly infecting them...it's a twofer today; get financial advice and a cold! w00t!


TRIBE Member
just put a roast in the crock pot. now i think i'll smoke a j, take the dog for a walk, come back home and fix a leaky faucet.
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