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The food and wine expo!


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November 18-20

Has anyone ever gone to any of the sessions offered?
and by sessions, I don't mean the get drunk off of 5 kinds of port and then speaker dance to top 40 a la Vote Quimby's lovely bride Michelle type of session.


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went last two years...fuckin awsome... really busy on fri and sat, but sunday it gets quite, i prefer it busy. can't wait, it is relativly expensive, but go for the chileans, they are the only ones there actually there promoting their wine rather than trying to make money from expo.


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Been once.

The Lindor chocolate fountain was pretty neat.

The sampling of food is tasty.

And the wine was a flowin'!

I'll be trying to make it again this year.


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I cooked at it a couple of years ago. I spent a lot of time wasted. The Creemore truck was there, and offering the goodness for free.

I would go for the cheese, and the demo's.

Big Cheese

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Originally posted by Skipper
Has anyone ever gone to any of the sessions offered?
nope but i signed up for the two industry ones this year being held on the sunday afternoon

in all honesty, if you're gonna do those paid sessions, go early and get a seat up front so you can interact with the speakers. i didn't pay for any last year but just went up to the rope on the side and drank other wine while i listened to them talk. really hard to hear with all the racket going down all around you and can be distracting. i did the free cheese one and that was fun though with a good selection of artisan stuff from quebec. imo if you've got the money nd want to learn, why not. but i'd rather spend the money on tickets and drink my face off + talk to all the industry reps.
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