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The Following - Kevin eggs and Bacon show


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I'm a skeptic with anything on primetime TV. 99% of it sucks. Cable shows are obviously 100x better.


The Following was very surprisingly decent.
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Juan Love

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Definitely liked it for a network job...still managed to be rather gritty and graphic for a FOX series. Closest thing to the quality of 24 I've seen from them.

James Purefoy shines being pitted against the guy from Footloose.
Sufficiently creepy, charming and chock full of hubris while The Hollowman handles his incredibly flawed and complex protagonist well...I like how the Chip Diller from Animal House's character is written, not to give too much away but he's "all heart" and half the suspense is knowing that he is on the verge of breaking down at any moment under the weight of Purefoy's gravitas and a rather complicated nightmare of a central plot.

Not sure how they are going to plot this one out for too many seasons though...apparently the actors have signed on for a seven season run but it does have the legs to stay fresh?

Only time will tell.


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I really think more people should give this show a chance.

Good production value, writing and suspense.


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I totally agree. I wasn't hoping for much when I saw the previews then I watched it.

So far, pretty impressed.
7 seasons though? buahaha yah, I doubt that.

but yah, peeps should check this out.
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