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The first dream of 2004?-dream comes true-


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in the Japanese saying, we say that the first dream you will have on the nite of January 1st would come true....

I am just getting ready to sleep in my new pjs right now.
wishing all of you to have sweet dreams..

and share what kind of dream you had :)


nite nite

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My first sleep of 2004 began towards the end of a shroom trip...this will be a very interesting 2004. :s
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I didn't have a dream. or if i did i don't remember.

does that mean nothings going to happen to me? or that i'll get amnesia?

i wish i dreamt about a permanent job :(


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my dream this past night was really messed up:

i dreamt i had to take another test to get my licence, and that i wasn't prepared at all . . . the test questions were in some random order . . . and of course i got all flustered and didn't do too well.

if it was the sleep before, i was having breakfast with a famous techno superstar :cool:




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My dream was about work... how I had a project and worked on and owner was really impressed by it.
Paul Van Dyk was in my dream too, but that I have NO clue how he got there.


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I dreamt I got a new apartment
started dating this hottie in my music class
and someone broke into my locker

I'll put p with the last if the first two come true!

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i had a dream about this book i like..

and then i read today that its in the early stages of production for a movie release in 2005


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I dreamt something about a fight with a friend over the phone, losing a book at some lady's house and trying really hard to find it, avoiding some monster thing...and then there was a flood.

Darn, I tried really hard to remember it all - it was a complex dream, but now my memory is all scattered.


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I dreamt that I was in a city by the sea. There was garbage piled up everywhere on the dock that kept falling into the ocean. Then I was suddenly in the water and was being chased by a dolphin (or was it a shark? I'm not sure).

I'm not too keen on having this dream come true.


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good morning/afternoon all.
i had two dreams.
i forgot all about them, even though i was trying to remember them during my dreams..;/
the first dream was kinda sexual though.
i think i will need to go and make a tea to remember what they were all about..lol


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I had a dream that I saw a big white dog, a really nice big beautiful dog.. sliced in two laying dead outside the cashier room at a local canadian tire gas bar.

wierd eh?
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damn, i dreamt that I had mad sex while smoking bud with two hot blondes.

note to self: stay away from ALL blondes. the old woman would have my nuts.

terrawrist III

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Originally posted by squirrely
i had HORRIBLE dreams last night.


I had a dream last week my mom was shot and landed in her doll cabinet...i actually tried to gtell her about it but she obviously wouldn't listen


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thank god im not japanese

most of my dreams involve me dying a horrible death

so far i've:

- drowned
- fallen to death
- been shot through the heart with an arrow (dont ask, it was after a plane crash on some remote island that had some unhappy natives)

i think im happy that my dreams DONT come true :D
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