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The Fine Automobile Thread


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They actually have the space at 124 Logan just south of Tattoo. It's the black building with the big orange graffiti 124 on it.

Yeah I'm not really a fan of the show either. If it happens to be on I'll check it out but not something I search out. They're not very relevant anymore although I almost always agree with Jim Kenzie's rants.

The history of their end of year awards are pretty funny. They consistently go against the majority of automotive journalists and some of their picks have turned out to be absolutely terrible. Pontiac Sunfire for example hahaha.

Ah right, I thought that building back there was part of the same complex or whatever.

Agreed on the Motoring awards too, I rarely catch the show these days but their awards setup (both nominees and winners) is just ridiculous. That show is well past it's best before date.
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Any of you folks in the GTA interested in a track day or two at Mosport? I've been looking at a couple different options and thought it would be fun to get together some of the crew from here... Pfaff is doing a day at the big track in late July and a friend has organized a day at the DDT (small track) a week before. If you're interested and want details hit me up.

Anyone? Fillmore, deep, juice?


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saw a BMW i8 this morning. pretty flash.




Agent Smith

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I bought a 2013 A6 with the 3.0T engine, premium plus package, and 20 inch wheels this morning. Like most Audis, the steering is a little squishy, but god damn I love the interior... and 0-60 in 4.8 seconds ain't bad. CPO with only 19K miles... at a great price.



I am a happy panda today.
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I usually stick with the casc affiliated hpdes. Can't wait to see exactly how much hilariously faster the M4 will be compared to my FC track car. :D

If you have suggestions on what events/group/dates are recommend by all means let us know! I'm hitting the Pfaff event and right now looking at DriveTeq since it comes recommended by a friend from my M3 days. Same guy is also doing a lowkey session at DDT in July as well.

Any I'm sure the M4 will only be slightly faster than the RX-7... :D
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You would appreciate my friend's little collection of 2 & 4 wheel modes of transportation.

1991 GTI 2valve (cracked the 500k mark, 2nd engine)
1991 GTI 4valve
2003 Toyota 4Runner (for those Forest Service Roads + Utah escapades)
2003 RC51
1981 CB650

Then he has like..... 7 bicycles, each worth approximately 1-2k.

I think he has a little problem, though I'm sure many on here would approve, hahaha.
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I registered this week for the Pfaff day at Mosport on July 27th... there is also another smaller event at the Mosport DDT on July 18th that I'll be registering for shortly as well. I'm trying to figure out if the Driveteq day at Mosport on May 11th would work too.

Either way if anyone is interested in further details shoot me a PM.


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I think if I could afford those cars then I wouldn't want to live in Ontario. It's way too flat and straight. Give me those California corners!

But who am I kidding, I don't even own a vehicle at the moment, I shouldn't even be posting in this thread. :p

Btw, what are everyone's thoughts on the WRX STI's? Are they worth the hoopla? Fun to drive in comparison to other things you're driving now? And while we're on the subject of dream cars... what car would you drive around North America in? I'm talking like... Toronto --> Alaska --> California --> Utah --> Florida --> New England --> Newfoundland --> Back home.

I just kind of came across something that's sort of scary.

How to Avoid Blown Ringlands in your Turbo Subaru

I guess the 4th cylinder is really prone to ringland failure. They have a bunch of "maybe this will fix it" suggestions, but you just never know.

* The OEM Tune, you can get a stage 1 package which is a pre-mapped OTS tune with an air box and it plugs into your ODB-II. $1000.
* AOS system. About $300 plus a bit of material if you install yourself.
* I did not know loading up the engine under low RPM was bad. Geez. Good to know. Thankfully I haven't driven my sti much.
* Forged pistons and upgraded intake manifold. Depending where you go, that's a $3500 "fix". If you're going this route, might as well aim for 400hp.

I'm not even too sure what to do at this point. Just sell the STi and walk away from a ticking time bomb or maybe dump $5000 into it and get the engine built? Might look into an IS350 AWD. Ah, this ringland thing is scaring me lol


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Anyone? Fillmore, deep, juice?

Sorry - saw just saw this now..

These questions have popped up recently on a few car forums. Usually sparks some good conversation and its interesting to see others thoughts...

Let's say you had a three-car garage. How would you fill it? Of course, the parameters:

1. One car has to be your toy.
2. One car has to be your daily driver.
3. One car has to be a daily driver for your significant other.

And the catch: One of the daily drivers has to be practical. Go!

For me:

1) 1967 GT500 Shelby - Eleanor
2) Mercedes Benz S63
3) Mercedes Benz G63

Thanks guys, I haven't stopped grinning. :D

And for Fillmore's game

1) GT3 RS (there really is no other choice here, anything else anyone chooses sucks. sorrynotsorry)
2) X5M
3) P85D

Fun! I like your earlier observation too that a lot of us are getting to drive cars now that a few years ago were dreams.

Toy: the Ariel Atom keeps coming up as the first thing to mind. Open wheel / seeing apexes, acceleration / cornering, pure driving experience, track toy on the weekends. Maybe a classic supercar like an F1, or a new hybrid hypercars like the 918 if we're being ridiculous. MV Agusta Senna or Harley VRSCB for organ donation. Or one of the purpose built Pike's Peak Hill Climb monsters for an improbable weekend activity.

practical realistic DD: In slow traffic yesterday I was again wishing for something the size of one of those earth movers / giant dump trucks at mining sites with a train cow plow / shover on the front to just drive in the space between lanes and chuck cars comedically to the side. I'm actually very happy with my car for a daily driver that has "drivers car" on tap for whenever you want it, but 2 doors aren't that practical. So a BMW M2/M3/M4 would probably be realistic, or a P85D. Porsche also coming to mind here.

S/O DD: X5M or similar beast mode SUV - I like the bulldog looks and the sleeper more power than a Ferrari under the hood thing, and the idea of something like this for the winter and something sportier in summer. Although I'm obviously thinking about this as a second DD rather than S/O DD. Or a Merc roadster / similar ilk convertible.
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