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The Fall (TV Series)


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Holy crap was that ever dark. I had not even heard of the show until a week ago and watched the entire 2 seasons over Christmas.
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Scully either got a lot of work done or she was always hot.

The show is amazing. Trying to keep from watching the whole thing to save it.

Very dark and creepy.

Marco Polo on nflx is also good.


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Been watching this the last few months excellent and so well done, reminds me of Hannibal but more cerebral


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i love anderson and always will but her english accent isn't convincing. minor detail, just irks me for some reason.

everything else about the show is good. like the camera work, characters and setting. and yes, it's nice to have an antagonist that for the most part seems normal.
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To be fair, she did spend the first 11 years of her life (starting at about 15 months) living in England, so she probably does have a "naturally" english accent. However, it's probably been slightly perverted by living in the states for so long hence the "fake" soundingness of it.

glych t.anomaly

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This show was really well done.

Dark, great character development. It really does a good job of making you not hate the antagonist.


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@coleridge, agree she looks fantastic, but don't buy the diet line ;). Doesn't matter - end result is she did a great job. I particularly like the story line about how matter-of-fact she is when she defends taboo subjects and actions. She stands up for her lifestyle, and doesn't apologize for it. Very well done.

I wonder where/when S2 would be on nflx, since S1 was just five episodes.