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The Evil Within


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Has anyone else played this game?

Have been playing it for the last couple of weeks and am close to finished.

This game was made by Shinji Mikami and has been called the "Spiritual Successor" to Resident Evil 4 (the last RE game made by Shinji Mikami and what many consider the best and last great Resident Evil game - and one of my favourite games of the last decade).

Playing this game you can definitely see the similarities to RE4. Gameplay wise, atmosphere, the right mix of Horror and Action....

I wouldn't rate it as highly as RE4 because the story within this game is not nearly as coherent as RE4, but I've still been enjoying this game.

And it's tough! Tough in the sense that you die a LOT. But I wouldn't say it's unfair. You have to go through a scenario, area, stage, whatever several times to figure out the right thing to do without getting brutalized. I've died literally hundreds of times on my way through the game (I hope it tells me how many times I've died when I finish the game).

Ammo is scarce, but plentiful enough that if rationed correctly, or preserved through stealth/knowing when to run or fight I've never been fucked beyond being able to get through the game so far.

So all and all I've been enjoying this game and I think anyone who's a fan of horror games would enjoy this.
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Interesting I been looking at it!

I think it will be a steam sale grab and now I know it wont be horrible!

Hawk Eye

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I'm playing this game also.. I haven't played it in a month or so..i stopped bc it literally scares me lol. I'm at the level where you are in a field that has a lot of various cabins. You have to get out and in order to do that you need to get the chainsaw from the big boss.. It's hard!! I keep getting hacked. I know how to kill him but i can't get to any of the traps that are laid out.. not to mention you have to remember how to find a trap. All the cabins look the same to me... you can't sprint for long and then you stop to catch your breath and the chainsaw boss catches up to you and chainsaws you.

I agree silver1.. the game is HARD! It's very unforgiving. It took me forever to figure out how to get past the first level bc you have no weapons.. you have to pretty much hide in lockers and sneak around the chainsaw guys without being noticed.

This is the level
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