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The Eternal Vancouver Buy and Sell thread!

I got chairs! Who needs chairs!

Ikea PELLO Armchair & POÄNG Footstool

Like new, only 4 months old.


Cover – Alme Natural
Frame – Birch Veneer
$45 at Ikea



Cover – Alme Natural
Frame – Birch Veneer
$50 at Ikea


Both for $70 obo - make an offer!

Check the CL here http://vancouver.craigslist.org/fur/223108691.html


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~Loress~ said:
i'm looking into purchasing some Tech 12's and a mixer..... anyone out here able to provide some hookups?

humm i've got a friend that was looking to get rid of his. i'll check

Cheap Ego

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anyone know of a cheap place to buy scrubs in downtown van? Like a dollar store for health workers or something..?

I'm not sure if it's revolting or not, but I'd be willing to buy some second hand ones, too...


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still looking for housing.

Dog friendly apartments, hopefully more than 650sqft, as close to vancouver city as possible.


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Heya Patrick- good luck with the homesearch- I'll keep my eyes & ears peeled for ya! (we got some Vantransplants in school & some of my clients too)
PS- Egoman why are you looking for scrubs? ( I just *have* to ask)

Cheap Ego

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oh.. I had the brilliant idea of going as dr. zoidberg for the office hallowe'en party. That flopped though because I was short on time. Luckily, my apartment here is very poorly decorated, so there were loads of animal print fabrics at my disposal. Given the veritable bounty of of leopard pattern sheets, etc, I went as a caveman... there was, however, more bare skin than I planned for, but that's just how it goes, when you're a caveman..

Thog not get fired, so Thog proud of resourcefulness. Thog always thinking outside of cave.
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stereo receiver with phono input. must be in good working condition.

if you have an old stereo collecting dusts or an old tape/cd ghetto with noone giving it enough attention or play time, let me know. my current (secondary) receiver is no longer pushing out on the left channel, and its not worth it to have it fixed.

Cheap Ego

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1 bdrm apt

If anyone's interested, friend of a friend has a one bedroom apartment available for rent almost immediately. I've been told it's a great place for the price, but have not seen it myself. Here are the deets:

Ground floor 1 bedroom with a patio. $725 + hyrdo
1546 Comox St.
Available: Dec 20th at the latest

I have a bar-b-que and patio set, as well and TV, DVD, VCR, couch, mirco-wave and other bits that someone can have if the price is right. Other than a bed, this is a fully furnished place if someone wishes, or it's an empty box...I'll be ready to show the place by Sunday, or Monday at the latest
email: editmonkeyed (he uses the mail that is hot)


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I am selling a pair of skis is anyone is interest.

4Frnt MSP 170 - these things will tear apart anything on the mountain. Mounted with Salomon 810 Ti Bindings. Bases, edges and bindings are in perfect conditions, as I have skied them 15 days. $450.



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Pull out sofa bed (2 - Seats) - $499

Heya anyone wanna buy a pull out couch?

Two seat pull out sofa/couch bed - $499
- Has not been exposed to smoke or pets
- Buyer is required to pick up upon purchase (in Kits)

Approximate Dimensions:

Length - 77in or 195cm
Width - 34in or 86cm
Height - 26in or 66cm
When Bed is Extended - 89in or 226cm

For pictures, please look on....



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< 2 year old appliances for sale.

3 Whirlpool appliances for sale. all standard size, in perfect cosmetic and working condition. $1100.

Whirlpool Gold Series slide in gas range this model

Whirlpool Microwave with built in stove vent this model

Whirlpool built in dishwasher (sorry bad pic) same as this but white


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g0nz0 said:
3 Whirlpool appliances for sale. all standard size, in perfect cosmetic and working condition. $1100.

Whirlpool Gold Series slide in gas range this model

Whirlpool built in dishwasher (sorry bad pic) same as this but white
Microwave is SOLD

Price reduction:

Gas Range/Stove = $600
Dishwasher = $200

items had to be moved from my place downtown to my work in Burnaby (Marine and Boundry)