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The eternal MMA thread

Boss Hog

TRIBE Member
So Conor McGregor quits because he wants 10 million for one fight and doesn't want to do promotions.

The good news is if he's quitting MMA that he'll have more time to talk shit.

I would love to see a rematch with Aldo though. McGregor didn't even defend his title before quitting.


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Kinda sad to see Miesha Tate retire...but she really did get her ( #1 contender ) ass handed to her by a #6 tonight.


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Jon Jones tests positive for steroid.
Title goes back to Cormier. Jones looking at 4 year ban.
He should also be forced to return his full share of the PPV...500 grand.



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Just search MMA Streams Reddit and you'll find it. Or, PM me like I mentioned a little while back and I can vouch for you for that private subreddit.