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The Egg Nog Appreciation Thread


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Yeah, that's right.

Cruisin' through the grocery store this morning, and something caught my eye in the dairy section...I thought, could it be?! Already!?!?! So yeah, I bought a carton, and just happen to be enjoying a glass of noggy goodness right now...mmmmmmmmmmmm

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It truly brings the inner child out of me, my grandmother used to make this for me in winter time and pour it over sweet bread.

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I used to love egg nog (I'd even buy it when it wasn't the holidays)and then *poof* no more milk for me. so I thought I'd give the soy version a go... dis-gust-ing.
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I want to eat my own barf right now.

(not pissing on this thread...props to you nog lovers....but ughhhh...)
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Boss Hog

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egg nog on its own is generally too sweet. And since it's so high in fat I like to add about half part skim milk.

It's great in espresso or coffee. Counters the bitter and compliments the flavour.

It's also recommended by doctors to patients with problems like having your jaw wired shut. The high calorie content helps those who need to have meals through a straw.

As you can see, it's a versatile beverage.
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Fidelity said:
It's too early for nog!

My thoughts exactly. I saw it at the store, but didn't buy it for this exact reason. It at least has to be November in my books.

yahoo to psychological coniditioning.
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