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The East Coast Rocks!

Robb G

TRIBE Promoter
The after-hours scene in the maritimes is alive and kicking. Monika (Kick) and I were lucky enough to play at After Dark in Fredericton and Subrosa in Halifax on the same weekend. It was refreshing to feel the synergistic energy of packed clubs with new eclectic crowds.

I say new eclectic crowds because both events were filled with a mix of people who are new to the scene and who came out simply to dance. Barstars, hippies, post-ravers, men in wigs, goth kids, French sailors and everyone in between gathered on the dancefloor. There was no sign of jaded scenesters lining the walls with their arms crossed. Even the wannabe model types were dancing up a storm instead of standing around worried about breaking a sweat in their new overpriced dresses.

Kudos to the Ultrasound and Subrosa crews for building such amazing nights from the ground up.

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