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The Dynamics of Shifting Pubs


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I think a good many of us can recall, from the 1980's, the great scripted television series "Cheers!". Yes, where everyone knows your name.

(my favourite part starts at 2:48)

I find it's important, when one moves to a new city, to not only set up shop in an abode, but to find a "cheers" equivalent. A watering hole. A real estate interloper that competes for your time (and your money).

Their diversity varies by state of mood. Right now my mood is not very good.

Oh, if we are speaking of Canada then there are the dank places left over from the 1970's, with carpet of all things, smelling like an old hound and stale cigarettes. However, the real misery is sat at the bar, downing those beers. Those shots. But that's not everything.

her> "I met you before, what's your name again?"
her> "You done with that paper?"
me> "Oh, sorry, I wasn't reading it."
Carlos> "Hey Jeff!"
me> "Oh long time no see!"
Carlos & Jeff> hugs
Carlos "What, we just met last week! Come on, Alex is outside!"

Who is Carlos? Who is Alex?

In some places, the hole, ironically, has a dirt floor. Personally I prefer these establishments, as a spill seems incidental compared to the very real ocean nearby. Sometimes a camel will walk by or sometimes an old man will potty discretely in a bush between stories. Perhaps he's homeless? Perhaps he's a diplomat? Warm wet breezes can salt your hair in this kind of place, and if you're like me you'll likely leave with a smile and a sunburn.

But of course that's not Canada in January. Canada in winter is a bartender whose smile is brighter than his whiskey.

How many consequences wagered? How many successes, failures? People brought into your world, my world: people pushed out.

It is the quantum foam.

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

BAd Luck

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I miss My old T.O. pubs...(which shall remain nameless)
after the smoking ban, locked the doors early and out come the ashtrays, and the cards.
Myself and coparterner in crime used to stay till 5a.m. All booze on the house, and nooo
chance of getteing to work the next day.
A girl once asked the barkeep/manager, why his hands were shaking...
and I quote. (I am a fucking vibrator bitch, wanna feel what these hands are doing?)


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I miss the Rhino in Parkdale. It was great on a weekday, not too busy. Good people, great food, and any kind of beer that you could desire. They always had a list of new and interesting beers to try that season. Halloween beers, Christmas beers, weird things from Belgium.