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The Dukes @ System Soundbar


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Fuck! I went down for a nap at 7:30pm, and didn't wake up until after midnight. Smackers, sorry buddy, I didn't even hear my pager go off.

I'm fucking pissed.


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Decided to go to System as a spur of the moment thing. 2 in the morn with nothing to do....Lets go to system.

Well it was definately worth it. Got in at 230 and The Dukes were spinning. Cool. Loafted a bit till we finally got into their groove. They weren't bad, but definately not the best. Few mistakes and fucks up here and there, but we're all human. At around 4 is when they started hammering out some hard banging beats. Nice... Basically heard almost every genre of electronic music in their set. Techno, Tech-house, Dark Progressive, Progressive House, Breaks, Tribal, etc... The selection was definately diverse.

Gave the guy with the Genres t-shirt (Adam?) enuff cigs last night. Mark too. Stayed till the bitter end. Who was spinning last, cuz I asked everyone around me and no one had a clue. He was good. Checked out Luke Fair downstairs for a bit, and he was top-notch as usual. Overall a good party. Lots of freindly strangers, good vibe all night.



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wicked wicked night

SO many fantastic people!!!

and dancers... wow

damn I love that place


^^^^^temporarily out of order


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by liquidgenesis:
Who was spinning last, cuz I asked everyone around me and no one had a clue. He was good.


I'm guessing Matt Coleridge?


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Hey Nesta, I ended up not making it either cause I was at a kegger at my school for most of the evening/night so I was pretty exhausted and didn't feel like going out after.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by liquidgenesis:
Who was spinning last, cuz I asked everyone around me and no one had a clue. He was good.
Matt Colridge..

alright, my faith in system has been redeemed again. after a very long haitus from this place..i was there all last weekend, and wondered what the hell i was doing there..the music was boring, and i didnt like the crowd...However...last nite WOOHOO!!!! The Dukes..i really need to start making it out when you guys play...i loved it! i like it hard, and i like it stompy..i normally wouldnt appreciate that music (i mean its not HHC), but it was sooooo good..well done guys..you're awesome! and who was spinning in the back room around 2? im forced to admit that i was dancing to house..but i refuse to be converted. it was a fluke
all in all had a blast!
*good music
*good friends (Jamie so glad you made it out!)
*some guy bought me flowers
*some guy got kicked out for grabbing my ass (goooooo system security!!!)
*big ups to the cuddle puddle and my new brother...thanks for the ride home Allison and Timo!!!

...now its time for work...


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I really enjoyed myself last night--what really made it was seeing so many smiling, friendly faces.

They played some of my alltime favourite songs in both the little downstairs room and the "VIP" room. I must admit I spent most of my time in those two rooms cuz I'm a lazy ass.

The main room had good music, but it was loud and chaotic.

The crowd seemed nice enough---I didn't talk to as many new people as I usually do, but the ones I did talk to were nice (Happy 30th Birthday to Stan [I think that's his name]).

I got to see an old friend who I haven't seen in years--that seems to happen quite often to me now.

I got to see newer friends as well...too many to list now for fearing of boring you all to death

Too bad we didn't see El Presidente (aka Who Needs Blockbuster When You Have James)


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Review/Pictures/Etc to come after I get back from Snowboarding and have time to rest

But I had an amazing time, thanks to the crowd and the Dukes.

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Had a great time last night. Wasn't really into the first set (Scaith?). Dukes war really fun. Nice to see a duo the genuinely looked like they were having a great time playing. Can't say I'm a fan of system though. I get a weird vibe off a lot of people in that place, perhaps it's just me.

Hi to everyone I met and I sort of keep to myself so high to everyone I didn't too.


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I arrived with high expectations and they were definitely met last night.
I don't think I've ever had so much fun at System.

First off, the music was amazing. I have to give a MAJOR big-up to the Dukes. You guys are fabulously classy and your set was incredible. Finally, a diverse set at System on a Friday night. As soon as that first sample came on (VERY funny sexual innuendo), I knew you guys would blow us away with some really diverse tracks. (Did I hear something from Junkie XL?)
And then the breakbeats came and I was on the floor, beer in hand, arms-a-flapping, head-a-bobbin'. I am SOOOOOOOO proud of you guys and I hope to see more of you in the future. And Adam, hook me up with a cd, dude.
The Dukes reigned supreme. You've singel-handedly taught me that, yes, DJs can be superstars. Thank you for your energy. &lt;--- end butt-kissing.

As for the crowd, I came in to see (literally) 100 familiar faces. Tribe is still a strange concept to me and I was overwhelmed by the turnout. Last night proved that Tribe is a collective of music-loving freakazoids. Much respect to the positive vibe created by the sea of drunken Tribe smiles.

I just got home and I am wired so I have to do some shout-outs:
Kife - HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY, dude! I didn't get to say goodbye but I hope you're home safe and sound with yer birthday wife.
Janiecakes - I saw you shaking your rump to breaks. I won't tell anyone.
Jake the Snake - thanks for the gift (winner of best x-mas gift this year!) and I told you it would've been fun.
Jess and Brandon- I warned him but he didn't listen. Now he must die.
PrOnstar - as usual, fun times. Can't wait to see the pics.
Starr - aren't you glad I have a good eye?
Air-bag - I missed you. And you missed out.
JayIsBored - you are such a self-centered doof. Get over yourself!

Finary - he caught the Che disease and decided to violate my personal space. VEry nice to see you. I don't see you enough.
Vinder, Madnezz and Booty Bits - don't tell anyone my shameful secret...
McBee and Basic - Sarah, looking really fly last night. Nice pants Kevin. Hehe.
Gunark - GUUUUUUNNNNNYYYYYY! I'm pissed at how early you left.
I was NOT done with you.
Tearer - finally, after late-nite chats, I get to see you in person. I think I'm in love... with your mesh shirt, that is.

Did any of you happen to meet a shitload of people there who don't post but lurk? It was strange to know that there were guys out there giving me props for my snowballing thread comments. Someone even asked me if I was going to the cottage adventure! Dave (lurker w/ the red shirt), you're a sweetheart, btw. ICQ me, please.

The official MoFo tally:
5 beers
1 redbull and vodka
only 7 smokes
about 2000 hugs
about 2000 "Hi, nice to see you again"'s
6 ass-grabs (I won't say who, ahem)
4 lurker approachers
1 bowl of 4 am pho
4 attack kisses (courtesy of Madnezz and Tearer)
3 hours of sleep
1 missing mouthy Galactic Phantom


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awesome time! got in 'round 11, left after 6:30...that says something i guess.
oi...i'm not really in a writing mood, more l8r.


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classic Dukes intro! The jumped head on into their set with full on synth-flavoured electro which kinda took the progressive crowd by surprise. None the less, once these guys get going its like a run away freight train! Sexy, deep techno had the crowd moving for hours. I love these guys, their style, the way they're always dancing behind the decks, the way they change records... These are two men who definetly know how to put on a show.

Things were a little loud, though I find that most of the DJ's have that problem at system. Standing between two stacks of bins, the booth shakes with fear at every kick drum; making it difficult to tell how loud things really are.

I ended up leaving shortly after 4am -the dukes had exhausted me... and the weed I smoked could of had something to do with it..

good job guys.

Peace & love. D
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haha to MoFo. Boy, you're devious.

Damn, I wrote a review and my computer crashed. Ah well. Great night. I was telling John (the cheez man) how lately, I'm loving the people that surround me as much as the music, and last night had both ingredients going in full effect.

So good to meet some new faces, Poker_Face - you're a classy fella....good chattin'. Same with your friend Craig - loved the dancefloor value-add. Madnezz - I love you!! Same with Starr!! I think Lisa and I made some headway into our Tribe-addled troubles. Good to see you girl. Livingroompornstar - you're great vibes...cool to meet Timo and Sugar...although you prolly thought I was a freak, and rightly so. KiFe - I hope it was a spectacular bday. M_Boy had plenty of smiles to go around, brought a beautiful vibe out. Mutslater and Beaker - sweetest siblings at System, evah. Rosey thought I was a black dude. Funniest line of the night, by far. Cool to meet Echo and Jake the Snake too. And great as always to see those I've met before...

Got attitude again from a certain someone, but that's his bag. Now excuse me while I puke in it. I guess there's something I dunno about.

Finary, thanks for the after-hosting. Sweet place, and it was perfect to chill before heading home.

A top night. Loved the music. You can't help but bust out for the technolectro breakbeat action. So good to change-up the typical 4/4 time every once in a while. Reminiscent of that German sound I loved in the clubs there.

Mark Scaife played a BANGING warm-up set...I was shaking my ass and seeing a wonderful world through vodka/red bull goggles.

I have FANTASTIC photos from the night. Now I just have to find a place to upload them.

Thanks all you lovelies for another one in a long list.


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wow, what a night. for this dukes virgin, all i can say is i'll be coming back for more alright. these guys are the dekoze of techno/electro/breaks. my word my back and feet are sore from dancing so hard. my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. the music was just insanely awesome. can't say i knew any of the tracks playing, well, okay, i had HEARD two of them before, but the rest was all new to me. from some sick (to quote from deep) sledge hammer to the skull techno, to funky techno, to some crazy electroey breaks to some prog, these guys covered it all and made it seamless.

fantastic job guys, you totally blew me away. AND I LOVED THOSE TSHIRTS, FUCK GENRES!

and lets not forget the huge tbk turnout last night, geez, everyone was there by like 11:00! how nuts is that?! and got to see some faces i hadn't seen in a long time, which was great, and some new faces too - dave the lurker with the red shirt, horse i think you said your tribe name would be? i'm not going to get into shout outs of everyone there, but for those i did get the chance to see and chit chat with, you guys just made my night that much better.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIFE!! do you want another drink man?


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That was the first time I've ever heard electro on a proper sound system. Nice! The look on the usual Breathe crowd's faces when the Dukes came on was priceless.

I'm lucky enough to have heard the Dukes play more than once, and I have to admit that last night wasn't their best set from a technical point of view. But they more than made up for it with pure ass-shaking content. Was it just me or did a Future Sound of London track make it in there? I never thought I'd hear that in a prime-time DJ set.

And as for the obligatory name dropping: hi Sunny, you scrumpstious piece of man meet you
and Laura, I believe that was the first time I've seen you at a party... next time we will start a proper mosh pit. Umm who else did I say hi to... mr. tommysmalls, kenny, tearer. Yeah. "Fun times", as they say.


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Good stuff.

As the president of the dukes stalk-.. I mean, FAN club, it was nice to hear you guys on a loud system with a full on prime-time crowd to destroy. I think that you confused a lot of people, but they needed it, and once they realized how good the pain was, they loved it.

kf - Thanks for the FSOL "We Have Explosive". That kicked my ass. Yes, that was me squealing like a little girl when you dropped it into the mix.

You guys rocked. Had to leave around 3am, though, due to working all night and dancing myself into a stupor yet again.

kumi - Nice to see you, sorry I bailed without chatting too much, I was just wiped out and it was a trifle loud.

It's funny, I saw about a million of you (vinder, KiFe, Echo, Beaker, JayIsBored, poker face, etc etc etc), but didn't introduce myself. It's wierd how you can feel like you sort of already know people without ever having met them.

pr0nstar - You're much cuter in person. Date?


..tired, and getting ready to work. Yay.

Thanks again @m/kf and whoever booked you. The fastest rising stars in T.O. dj culture.


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It's 4:10pm right now, and I am still suffering the consequences of drinking so much last night. 5 Smirnoff ice's make you feel like you hit a brick wall at 60 miles/hour the next morning. Good times though last night! Deffinitely worth the drive back from Windsor!
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by OTIS:
I'm fucking retarded.. going for some eggs ala greese.


A a tell-tale sign of a "best friend" #69348: if you can't drink, he'll get drunk for two and let you live vicariously through his drunkness by being really funny. Thanks Rob. You owned the morning at Maz's. Now quick, we gotta secure a decent spot in the hottub!

Shouts to all my boys and girls - wickeed seeing you people an' Happy B-days! to the Capricorn minions celebrating that night!


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I was trying to catch the eye of MoFo to get him to join our cuddle puddle in the back room. Didn't work.

I checked off 4/10 things on my "Is this a rave" checklist (not bad for a club, no?).... cuddle puddles [check]... glowsticks [check]... memory loss [check]... and something else, IonNO.

Kept telling the bouncers that more sausage was needed in the back room, stat, but they didn't listen, but one bouncer was eating street meat as we were leaving, so part of the message got through.

The VIP room is actually a SausageMaker... after 10 minutes in there, I wanted to take my shirt off and rub up against girls and say inane things...

madnezz and tommysmalls... what the hell is with not running into you until leaving time at the coatcheck?

And kumi was there too? What the hell is going on... it's not like it's a huge place...

Kept making the rounds from back room to main room to sausage maker room... all three places were serving up some nice, fine musics.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by PosTMOd:
And kumi was there too? What the hell is going on... it's not like it's a huge place...

kumi's really wee

three apples high


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[cocktail weiner tray holding guy] would you like some more sausage? [/cocktail weiner tray holding guy]
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