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The Dream Will Come True!


TRIBE Member
I will spin topless!
I got my first gig today!
I'm spinning at my school on March 22
And as soon as I drop that first track ... the shirt is coming off!

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Hey , Welcome to the dj world Disco Stu.
I'd keep the shirt on.
dekozi might sue you for copyright infringements. :cool:

Hope you have a good time.


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hey dude,
just a suggestion, but maybe you should let a gurl take of her shirt... then maybe you'll cause a uproar:eek:
then again, if you do insist on taking your shirt off, why not have some graffiti put on ya?? (using body paint)
ask and maybe you'll find someone who will be willing to do it... not me of course, I'm Str8 up*
break a leg holmes,