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The difference between Toronto & Montreal


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Couple of weekends ago, being in high spirits after SBTRKT, it was time to eat our munch on. So off we trotted to House of Poutini. We dodged the sea of happy drunks, waited for quite a bit in queue for our delicious poutine.

As we were waiting for our number to be called -

lo and behold:

ACE OF BASE starts playing on the loud speaker - so I started singing along and so did some [stereotype] Eastern Europeans kinda start singing, we bopped a bit and even my introvert buzzed partner in crime joined in.

Do you think the entire rest of the House of Poutini broke into song and started swaying? nay nay. The tight-cunt Toronto fucks continue to ignore what was going on around them and of course we faded out.

Whereas, after one delicious picnik electronik - we all marched towards the Metro, there are some random man who started chatting to my friends & I - stood up on the on the chair YELLED, "Vive le Québec!"

and then we started singing "OLE OLE OLE OLE" for a good maybe 5 minutes until the entire subway cart parted ways.

My friend turns to me and informs me I should be here for hockey season.

Must be fun.
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