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The difference between playing a set and playing songs

Discussion in 'Jungle Room' started by evil homer, Mar 13, 2002.

  1. evil homer

    evil homer TRIBE Member

    I have a serious beef with most "dj's" out there. You have an opportunity to arrange songs together in some new inventive way and thus make cool art, a musical collage or pastiche if you will.

    But most of you don't. Most of you just want to make ppl jump up at every breakdown. I understand that promoters tend to give pretty short sets and you want to make ppl move in all of that short time. But I think that even in 90 mins it is possible to switch things up a bit and display the wide variety of DnB produced at the moment. I have friends (not serious junglists by any means, but partiers who make it out on a regular basis) who were unaware that DnB has started to expand out of the darkside again. You can still play the latest white labels if thats your thing, just move around a bit. Please?

    I know there are dj's out there that follow this, big ups :) and as the producers keep producing i'm assuming i'm not the only one picking up a wide variety of tunes so why has this not trickled down to most sets?
  2. rentboy

    rentboy TRIBE Member

    nice one Evan.

    This has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time and a reason why i stopped going to Turbo...every DJ sounds the same...

    also, DJs should play older tunes, not just a full set of current tunes...how about playing tunes from 96, 97 or 98???

    Playing a wide range of sounds is the only way the barriers can be broken down...how can people get into the atmospheric side if no one plays it??

  3. shylock_one

    shylock_one TRIBE Member

    Isn't that what separates the good DJ's from the great DJ's?
    Aside from the technical skill of course.
  4. smile

    smile TRIBE Member

    you can thank vinyl syndicate and all their asslicking followers for that.

    i've been saying that for years. just because a tune is NEW does not automatically make it the shit.
  5. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    DLO, you still want that Doc Scott mix?
  6. rentboy

    rentboy TRIBE Member


    I think Turbo should have had a themed night every now and again. e.g. A 1996 night where the DJs only play tunes from '96...then a '97 night and so on.

    i hate when classics are forgotten.
  7. evil homer

    evil homer TRIBE Member

    check this set out, its about 1 1/2 hrs. Unfortunately i did not record it, but i'm now keeping these records in this order

    Calibre - U Make it hot
    J Majik - Love is Not a Game
    Delat and Format - Can't Explain
    High Contrast - Suddenly
    Juju - Summer
    Total Science - Juicy Fruit (calibre rmx)
    Total Science - Juicy Fruit
    Beta II - (either kinetix or changes, i don't know which is which)
    Invaderz - Mirage
    Zero Tolerance - (The track off Anything and Everything vol 1)
    Alpha Omega - Promised Land
    Manix - Hardcore junglism (Total Science rmx)
    Dj Rap - Waveform
    Klute - Galaxian
    Polar - Skydiver
    Sonic & Silver - Hard Times
    Polar - Reversed Psychology (or futile dreams? the harder one)
    Klute - Song Seller
    tgm - Infinity 2.0
    Total Science - (From Plastic Surgery 2 LP)
    Pleasure - Illusion
    Klute - Phone Call (Matrix rmx)
    Morgan Packer - Air
    Primary Motive - (From Creative Source LP)

    In my opinion this covers every current style of DnB although Tek-Step and Jump-Tek type tunes are given short shrift I'm confident this would still rock a dancefloor. Besides, i just let other dj's do that cuz in my opinion those type tunes are so disposable they're hardly ever worth picking up and with many of these i'm still happily dropping them a year later.

    Incidentally, if any of you were considering coming up to kingston to check astral projection i'll be playing that afternoon like the above but with all sorts of 1/2 speed downtempo, dub and hip hop mixed throughout
  8. D-Cypher

    D-Cypher TRIBE Member


    ^^^shameless self-promo! =P

    I totally agree with ya bro, but just on a side not, almost all those records were released within the last year, no?
  9. evil homer

    evil homer TRIBE Member

    they're all between a year and a month old, but they cover a lot of DnB ground...if it'd make you feel better i'll add 'circles' and 'demons theme' at the end

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