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The Dean Blundell Show Cancelled

Sugar D

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This show is unbearable to listen to. The number of jokes & pranks they pick up from Stern is laughable. Someone at the office listens to it and I just cringe at how unfunny it is.
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we all now my sentiments on the subject.

and their off air personalities arent that different at all. well wait... todd is more self obssesed (if that is possible), jason spends a lot of time staring off into space and dean suckles from the teat of the corporate right wing whore (altho he is mildly nicer off air) so ya. that show sucks.

Dr. Grinch

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Dean Blundell inspired me to subscribe to satellite radio with how intensely awful his morning show is. No joke.
BBC World News in the morning for about 30 mins, followed by some talk free music makes my drive 95% less stabby.
Their lame copying of Fark headlines as their own jokes (and also Howard Stern cloning as noted) was unbearable.
I actually believe that Jason guy has a brain, so I don't understand how he can sit in a room with those other two fucking morons every morning without going postal.
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They cater to their audience. What would be the point of putting together a show that would go right over their demographic's head?


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Suspended... AGAIN. When will Corus pull the plug on these idiots.

Dean Blundell Show suspended from Toronto’s Edge 102.1 | Toronto Star

Shock jocks pulled off air after apology for ‘homophobic’ gags about trial.

Toronto’s popular shock-jock morning radio program, The Dean Blundell Show, has been suspended.

The announcement comes just a day after the program apologized for making “homophobic” jokes about a sexual assault trial for which the show’s producer and co-host served as jury foreman.

“Effective immediately, we are suspending The Dean Blundell Show. This will allow us to review our internal practices to ensure that our programming is compliant with our station’s policies, as well as community and broadcast standards,” read a statement for Corus Entertainment, the company that owns 102.1 the Edge, on which Blundell airs.

A Sunday Star article exposed the show’s homophobic commentary about a trial on which co-host and program producer Derek Welsman served as foreman of a jury that convicted a man for sexually assaulting three men he met at a Toronto bathhouse.

At the beginning of the trial, Welsman swore on a Bible and told a court he had no bias against homosexuals.

On air, he and the other radio personalities guffawed as they mocked gay men who visit bathhouses and the intelligence of the sex-assault victims. They snickered as they imagined the perpetrator’s excitement for prison showers.

“If anyone wants to get into the backdoor business, I can give you some tips,” said foreman Welsman, prompting more laughter from his on-air colleagues.

Kathryn Wells, lawyer for the convicted man, told the court Welsman’s on-air conduct “made a mockery” of the court proceedings and tainted the guilty verdict that he, as jury foreman, read aloud Sept. 27.

Wells had asked the trial judge to order an inquiry into the conduct of Welsman, who she says is biased against gay men.

On Tuesday, Justice Faye McWatt rejected the call for an inquiry. Her ruling did not address whether Welsman’s homophobic radio conduct affected the decisions he made as a juror but instead focused on whether any of the broadcasts could have influenced other members of the jury who, unanimously, found the accused, Joshua Dowholis, guilty on nearly all counts.
A day after the judge’s ruling, the show’s host apologized for his and his co-host’s on-air conduct.

“We both made rude, homophobic and inappropriate remarks, which were offensive and unacceptable. We offended a lot of listeners, our families and our friends,” Dean Blundell said in an audio clip posted to the show’s website Wednesday.

“Those conversations were not entertaining. They were plain and simply wrong. For this, I sincerely apologize.”

The Dean Blundell Show has been repeatedly sanctioned for homophobic and discriminatory views, the most recent censure coming in August. In that case, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council required the radio station to submit a plan outlining how it will “ensure that no other breaches” occur in its broadcasts.


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didnt pretty much everyone jump ship for 88.1?
the worst is that pot chick, she must be hot cause she sucks bad but he has her on all the time
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FUCKING A there is justice in the world.

Fully expect he will show up on Sirius XM in some form or other, or maybe a podcast, but GOOD he's off 102.1. Maybe they'll use this experience to revisit the whole "Edge" branding and come up with something fresh and halfway intelligent.


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With the start of the new year, Corus Radio will be taking 102.1 the Edge in a new direction in 2014. The station will return to a more music-based format showcasing the best in modern rock. As a result, The Dean Blundell Show has been cancelled, effective January 6, 2014.


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FUCKING A there is justice in the world.

Fully expect he will show up on Sirius XM in some form or other, or maybe a podcast, but GOOD he's off 102.1. Maybe they'll use this experience to revisit the whole "Edge" branding and come up with something fresh and halfway intelligent.

It opens up the slot for a Ford Brothers show!
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Is it common around here now for someone other than the topic creator to edit topic names? Because I sure as shit didn't do it.

On a side note, I think the airwaves are much better without this nonsense being broadcast.


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I think I will pull some comscore reports on tribe's performance over lunch! Why not, Hambone?
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