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The Daytime


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Once upon a time,

I was invited, or rather required, to go on a business trip to China.

Tianjin, China, specifically.

My travel date was a Sunday, so I was handsomely liquored up from Saturday not to mention the goddamned miracle that I made it to the airport in Nagoya for my flight.

When I arrived, I was desperately hoping for a hotel room and some rest, but no, my driver took me on site to a very well known automotive factory in progress. I sipped generously from the water cooler in a tent that was reserved for Japanese and white people. The Chinese had their own slums from which they worked.

My Japanese overlords must have sensed that I was not willing to work on a Sunday, and perhaps they also noticed that I was drunk on airplane wine.

So they took me to a brothel.

A brothel designed for Japanese businessmen.

Very few, almost none, westerners get to experience the "brothel for Japanese salarymen" experience.

It's quite quiet.

I think my supervisor had some kind of delightful enjoyment of seeing me squirm in this whore house. I don't think he knew I was gay, but he put me to privvy regardless.

Our taxis showed up to a large house in Tianjin. White glove treatment, we were quickly escorted indoors to a table furnished with glasses and whiskey.

I had no idea about what was going to happen, but the, I will tell you married, Japanese men, seemed very adroit.

The women, girls really, lined up. And each of my coworkers had a turn to choose one, until it came to me.

Which one do I choose? Which do I care? I'm gay. Must choose a girl anyway. So I chose one.

And so, I made out with her, and many pictures were taken. The one Japanese man had sex with his choice in front of all of us. It was nothing. I made out with this girl, it was also nothing.

This is all a normal cause of business in Japan, China.

I can't imagine that my current job would expense a whorehouse in China as a normal cost of business. Japan has a stamp for that. Africa has a stamp for everything. I have more stories to tell.

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