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The Crime of being Overpaid


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I was raised Catholic. In many ways I'm sure I'm not Catholic anymore. However, the basic principles are too deeply ingrained into me for them to ever be erased.

Yes, we can talk about theology and the long history of Catholic philosophy, and art, including music, and how it is intrinsically part of Western culture, yes, yes. But that's not why I want to talk right now; I also hope that's not why you're reading.

At work, there is this lady. She was hired, for whatever purpose; a management decision. I couldn't myself pay much notice because, well, they tend to come and go.

To let you, the venerable reader know, she is about fifty years old, 20 years single, trying to make the best of her life alone.

Probably no realistic retirement plan.

However, she seems to pick up on when I need some practical help, and she delivers. And on her most recent delivery I learned the wage disparity between us and it really made me feel horrible.

Here, this lady who has next to nothing, who is telling me about the cockroach problems in her building, is helping me out, yet I'm pocketing a good ratio more in wages or salary. And I have, yet, nothing to help in return.

Well that's just sickening. I wholeheartedly agree with St. Francis.

I take solice in that most of my money goes to put a roof over the poor people who live here. But I think I should cut back, I've lived too much a privileged life, time to see how other people can shine.

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Donate (more) to Kiva? It's a practical means of helping people dig themselves out of poverty... So, take advantage of local inequality to bring about global equality.