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the courier


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is there anything better than the feeling of waiting for an inbound parcel on your day off?

probably. but it's still nice to know there's a little box out there that's hurtling through space towards your face. the real-time tracking has to be the most exciting part. this must be how harriet tubman felt everytime there was someone steaming up the underground railroad; or how spy handlers felt when they had someone coming across the frontier at the gates of the berlin wall in the cold war; or how an oil sheik emir feels when he's got a new railroad container of sex slave coming through the pipeline.

i like how they make a little blog for your package:
Scan Date Scan Time Status Comment
2006/02/15 07:52 On vehicle for delivery
2006/02/15 04:11 Shipment In Transit
2006/02/14 16:26 Received at Reception from james of EXECAIRE DIVISION OF IMP GROUP 10225 RYAN AV DORVAL QC
but it's too bad you can't leave comments of your own

i'll be honest, i kind of don't want it to arrive too soon. what do they write when this ride finally ends? "2006/02/15 14:23 Delivered to unshaven adressee wearing frumpy hoodie and pajamas"

the last time i did this was when i skipped school in grade 9 to wait for a $300 quad-string uber-nerdlinger kite (oh yes, a kite) that got shipped from detroit. i think i waited for the dude to ring the doorbell twice just so it wouldn't look like i'd been waiting all day by the window for it. then i yelled "it's for me!" back into the house even though nobody else was home as i signed for it because i thought the rather unsavory delivery fellow was going to kidnap me and steal all my pogs.
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pogs were ridiculous

i remember having all these ridiculous 'slammers' that cost like $1-2 each



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Originally posted by thom100
just a second....you fly planes , yet get excited about a package being dropped off?
bah, flying is all about mission-oriented, performance based faculty rewarding shots of adrenalin (like the airshow takeoff out of sault ste marie yesterday where you clean up the gear and flaps three feet over the runway and hold it on the deck until there's a windshield full of trees an haul back into a zoom climb through 3000' while the sun visors smack you in the face and the copilot complains about seeing spots because of the G-loading....or the simulated emergency descent i dropped us into on the same flight to meet a 5000' crossing restriction at a waypoint (from a cruise alt of 28,000') coming back into toronto where you throw the anchor out and plummet down to the earth in a 10,000' feet per minute descent...or the carrier landing to end things off on the short runway where you drag-ass and dirty up two thousand feet over the ground (to avoid small arms fire dontchaknow) keeping it high and dry until you're 1/2 mile back from the runway, then call for full flaps and slam dunk it inside the fence with a beta-range flare, pile on the brakes and crank on full reverse to make the first taxiway exit within 600'.)

nay, nay, waiting for a parcel is all about the anticipation. the toaster oven, chair lifts and magazine subscriptions are other sources of anticipatory glee.
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