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Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by dr. cho, Jan 10, 2001.

  1. dr. cho

    dr. cho TRIBE Member

    Can anyone please help my out. I need to find out who the second to last DJ (@ 3:30am) was that played downstairs at the comfort zone on 1-1-2001. I thought it was supposed to be Kenny Glasgow but I guess it wasn't. He was a husky hispanic or italian guy who played an amazing deep house/techno set. I came over from Chicago and that guy blew my mind. Completely flipped the script. Any help would be apprieciated.

  2. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    Could be DJ Addy, though you'd never find me at the Zone ever again. I know Addy plays there alot and that's the style he plays and he's rather husky but a good DJ.

  3. dr. cho

    dr. cho TRIBE Member

    yeah, that place was like really underground. A little dirty too, but that DJ was absolutely amazing. Addy, huh. I'm on the search for his tape now.

  4. evolve

    evolve TRIBE Member

    could it have possible have been j-dub from chicago you think.
  5. dr. cho

    dr. cho TRIBE Member

    no, definetely not J-dub. I got there when J-dub was spinning, then some tall white dude played (opened with "big fun"), then I think Myka, then the next guy was the GUY. He's the one I'm trying to id. I here it could have been peran. oh well, that set will stuck in my head for awhile.


    p.s. here's my underground mix straight outto chicago in streaming real format for toronto's listening pleasure.

    choose "doctors order's" by inbum for soothing relief.
  6. fleaflo

    fleaflo TRIBE Member

    The tall white guy was Eric Davenport. But I left just after Myka came on. Sorry. It does sound like Addy from the description tho. He does throw it down nicely.

    Side note, the Zone might be a tad bit(ha! ha! ha!) sketchy, but anyone who plays there does damage cause thems the rules. No cutesy sets allowed. Most consistently bumpin club nite in the city right now.

    flea [​IMG]
  7. dr. cho

    dr. cho TRIBE Member

    You know I'll be there the next time I'm around.

    Oneone who can come up with an Addy tape for me will get high quality copies of my mixtapes. Paul Johnson, Frankie Bones, Jazzy M, Pure Science, and many more. Or I will send you a bunch of money. sound sorta desperate, yeah I am.


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