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The Cobra E.P. Out Now: Illweather 16armedjack & Chili Banks (mp3 single inside)


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The Cobra E.P. Out Now: Illweather 16armedjack & Chili Banks (mp3 single inside) + Win Mastering!

The Junglist Manifesto Family come through with a big E.P. celebrating Illweather's first Release.

Illweather brings the title track "The Cobra" a dance floor reese bass, drum edited, smasher. Congrats on the first release bro. It's been a long time coming. Illweather has been kind enough to let the tune go as the free single download it here... ILLWEATHER - THE COBRA

Sixteenarmedjack comes through with the long awaited release of his Star Wars anthem amen mash up "Imperial March".

Chili Banks comes with a drum and sub bass fuelled banger with a touch of soul in his tune "Freedom"
& unleashes the Blue Jays Anthem, classic Toronto baseball business over rough beats and a heavy reese bass. First showcased at the "Edit Your Drums" L.P. launch party this one is sure to be a favourite for the "T.O. Massive".
Beatport Link

Available everywhere digital music is sold.
Yes we know that's not a cobra on the cover :p

Coming in early 2012 "Bay B Kane Presents: The United Nations of Jungle" L.P. featuring tracks by 19 artists from around the world representing the original sounds of Jungle. It's going to be big.

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