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Originally posted by Lysistrata
Tess of the D'Obermans, I should have brought this up before, but while I respect almost everything you say (when you're not trolling) I do not have any positive feelings towards being called Dori.

Many apologies, Lysistrata. You know that you're one of the select few that I actually have respect for on this board, i meant no offence. It was just faster for me to say Dori, than to type out Dorianne, when i was more intent on explaining further than agreeing with you.

That aside....
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Yeah, D'Obermans--Tess of the D'Ubervilles done canine style. I don't know why that came to mind yesterday, I must've been cranked up. Nobody's ever seen this movie called Ninth configuration but there's a guy in it who puts on Shakespeare plays with all-dog casts.

Dorianne is a long name to type out. YOu can call me D or Dee or DME, which are my inititials and can quite conveniently be perverted into Dummee.

And a celebration day for Camus and Kafka would NOT translate into a do-whatever-you-want free for all. Existentialism requires accountability for your own ethics. YOu can't just go around shooting Arabs.