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The Chinese ban Roger Rabbit!


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Toons, humans can't mix in China
Associated Press

Beijing — Who Framed Roger Rabbit could be out of the picture in China — along with many other cartoon favourites.

China has announced a ban on TV shows and movies that blend animated elements with live-action actors, a move aimed at nurturing local animators and apparently curbing the use of foreign cartoons.

Besides Roger Rabbit, the 1988 feature film in which actor Bob Hoskins performed beside several animated characters, popular children's TV shows featuring human hosts and animated elements such as Blue's Clues from the United States and Britain's Teletubbies could be included in the ban. And Space Jam, the 1996 film featuring basketball great Michael Jordan alongside Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck could also be shelved.

The government's main television and film regulator sent notice Feb. 15 to broadcasters and theatres that such films and shows could no longer be shown and that violators would be punished. It did not say what the penalties would be.

It also did not give examples of banned programs but described them as “so-called cartoons that mainly feature real people and only occasionally have computer-generated elements.”

Communist authorities are eager to expand the country's animation industry and also are worried about the influence of foreign pop culture on Chinese children.

The cartoon ban is intended to “promote the development and prosperity of the cartoon industry in China,” said the statement issued by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

The broadcast administration's statement said it planned to review programs that had previously been granted licences to make sure none of the banned programming is aired.

Phone calls to the administration's main office on Thursday weren't answered.

Japanese and western animated programs have gained a foothold in China but the government wants to develop its own industry.

China already limits foreign cartoons on television to 40 per cent of all cartoons broadcast. It has said it might ban all foreign cartoons from prime-time television once the quantity and quality of domestic productions is considered adequate.
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I can't believe a communist country would do something like this.

Don't the cartoons have any rights?!
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regulated mebbe
the western world doesn't respond so well to censorship...except the inbred pro-life god warriors in south dakota


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Chinese people fucking hate the Japanese, but the most popular kids program in China (at least for boys ages 3 - 12) is UltraMan...which is Japanese.

goddamn great firewall blocked thehun.com...

is nothing sacred!
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green_souljah said:

hey you can even use the same letters!

LOL totally something I can see the CRTC doing. Although we are 70% free to watch anything we want to here in Canadia.

Why don't we have TIVO again?


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I hear Disney's working on an animated version of "The Long March" :D
"Mulan" seemed to do the trick for them the first time around...