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The Brilliance Of SuperKennyK


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From his blog...


For several weeks the elevators in my building have been under renovation and are being retrofitted. One of the elevators is nearing completion and the second elevator is to be shut down to commence its transformation.

My esteemed associate Martin came up with the fabulous idea of announcing to our apartment building that a grand opening was to take place in celebration of our newly retrofitted and remodeled elevators. I thought about the idea and considered it a highly amusing and hilarious prank, so I took the initiative and created an advertisement for this mythical, upcoming event.

The advertisement announced the following (see figure 1 for actual document):

'Come to the grand opening ceremony for our new highly advanced and remodeled elevator. Be there to witness Arnold Agulnik (building manager) cut the red ribbon and be one of the first to skyrocket to the tenth floor at an alarming speed.

The ceremony will take place on Tuesday, May 24th at 5:30PM. Snacks and beverages will be provided.'

The next morning, by complete coincidence, the old elevator had been shut down and the new elevator was fully functional. Someone had the courtesy to remove the sign from the old elevator and post it up in the lobby. Since the sign was up over the entire night and someone had even moved the sign for others too see meant that it was quite evident that our plot had not been discovered. People were taking it seriously and I was filled with anticipation and excitement as the hoax was about to unfold.


The lobby was already filled with apartment dwellers, which had made there way down for the “ceremony” and to gorge themselves with free snacks and beverages. I strolled through the lobby briefly, pushing myself through the crowd. I had to be quick, as I was losing my composure and nearly burst out into hysterical laughter.


I returned to the lobby with Martin and my friend Donna. By this time the hoax and been discovered although the perpetrators remained undiscovered. The lobby still contained about 25 hungry and disappointed tenants. Ms. Twiggleson from the 3rd floor even went so far as to cancel dinner for the possibility of a free meal and Mr. Hagglesmith from the 10th floor had invited guests to partake in the festivities. The president of the tenants association had even gone so far as to contact the building management as well as Arnold Agulnik. Through an unidentified source, it has been confirmed that the conversation had gone as follows:

Tenant President:

‘Where is the building manager and the snacks and beverages? Everyone is waiting.’


‘What the hell are you talking about?’

On our way up through the building in the elevator, Martin, Donna and myself attempted to remain calm and retain our composure as fellow elevator passengers discussed the hoax. This proved to be very difficult, as I was literally convulsing, trying to hold in my laughter. Donna took one look at my face and burst out in laughter. It has not been determined if the other passengers suspected us as the culprits. However, I believe that they were and still are unaware.

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