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The "Breaks Den" Weds. at Tonic starting April 10

Robb G

TRIBE Member
Starting Wednesday April 10 the second room at Tonic will be hosting breaks every week. The concept of the night is to push breakbeats to the next level, focusing on new and forward thinking sounds, while still maintaining a funky edge.

Residents for the room are:

Robb G



Along side weekly guests including some of the newest up and coming talent in the city.

To help us kick things off on grand opening night we welcome...

Who will be playing a rare and special all breaks set.

Cheap drinks. New music. Every Wednesday.

Tonic Nightclub
117 Peter St.

Free guestlist B4 11:30
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member
This looks like it might have potential ;) It's time to bring some more people into the breaks scene.

Just to clarify, I'm not playing opening night (April 10th)... as I will be playing at Limelight.


Robb G

TRIBE Member
Tonight's the big night. I just got off the phone with Jelo and he's super excited to lay down the broken beats. Anyone who wants guestlist can still get in for free before 11:30pm if you email me before 8 pm.


See you tonight.
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Congrats Robb G and crew ,
the Breaks Den was rockin !
In reply to Marty's comment
the Breaks Den actualy holds in the one room about 100 people and as it gets
busy the second VIP back lounge will hold another 50 or so !
It is a perfect spot to kick back and hear some proper tunes.
Maybey you should stop by and check out the night sometime.
keepin is straight ,


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well that's what the flyer person outside of limelight said.
a 100 person den sounds way better than 50.... tres cOzier.
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Originally posted by stretchandhooker
Maybe you should stop by and check out the night sometime.

hey *S*, maybe youd like to come see me dJ

I never see you out at the places I spin at.
Except that one time I spun @ Fitzies in like 97-98 :)

cheers to yet another summer...hope its a good one for all.