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The *BRAGGING* thread.


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Puff your chest out (esp. if you have big boobies, we like that 'ish), toot your own horn, brag, brag, brag, brag to your heart's content - that's what this thread is all about!

Me first, 'cuz I'm selfish like that...

I got to shake Pierre Elliott Trudeau's hand when I was three years old. I was in Rideau Park in Ottawa, can't recall what the occasion was, but I do remember his wide, beaming smile and his very firm grip. He was the best Prime Minister we've had in my time, imho. "The state has no business in the bedrooms of this nation." Whatta guy.

My step-dad used to take me to the Toronto Exhibition, religiously, every year from when I was four until I was eleven or so. He's pretty intuitive, and he knew that it was starting to take a downhill slide, around 1980 or so - aside from the music, movies and other forms of entertainment, that decade was pretty much bunk, anyhoo...

My best friend and I held the largest high-school dance, in our home town of Brockville, back in 1987. Up until that point, usual attendance was 200-400 people. We drew over six-hundred at ours, don't ask me where the extra 200 heads came from.

I saw Murat play at a boozecan in Kensington in 1994 - boy, was that an eye-opener. I can't wait to have him play for me and my boys in the Philippines, they're going to LOVE his shit.

I played with Mr. Superstar Max Graham waaay back in 1997 - that was the first "real" rave I played at, in Kingston, Ontario (also on the bill, Dale Evans, and a certain Mr. Mike Shannon, who back then was known as the Chemical Kid, though I'd been spinning at boozecans and speakeasies in Toronto since 1990. I used to d.j. wrap parties for film crews, and have hobnobbed with the likes of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel, Kathy Bates, Shirley McLean, Christopher Plummer and my fave, Mr. Ben Kingsley. I also opened the Michael Snow exhibit at the Power Plant Art Gallery in 1996, too a teeming crowd of about 800 society darlings...boy, do those people know how to partay.

One of the first big parties I played at was in 1997 in Victoria, B.C., for around 3,000 people. I flew over with a quite young Jeff Cochrane (a.k.a. Vortex) and one Monsieur Algorithim, who schooled me in the ways of fine, minimalistic, I-talian clothing. Boo Williams was also on that night, though I could be getting that mixed up with the time I went out there and played with Adam Marshall and the Wamdue Kids. I've also jammed with Jeremy "Lotus" Caulfield, the most esteemed Mike Parker from Buffalo, and even got to play for Traxx in my friend Adam's living room (though he was probably so baked that he doesn't remember, heheh...).

Let's see - in 1998 I worked my ass off to hold "Beyond - The Next Level", at the Warehouse. It didn't go so smoothly, mostly because my partner had some problems with schizophrenia (wish I had known the signs back then, I would have backed out much earlier - I lost about $3000, she lost around $15,000 of the funds lent to her by her own brother...shame, that), but everyone I talked to afterward said they had a blast-and-a-half. We had Mr. Spacetime Continuum, Jonah Sharpe, live in the main area, along with the entire Speed crew (Glenn Underground was a no-show, unfortunately), and Hidden Agenda absolutely *ripping* shit up in the side D&B room.

Lessee, who else? I've also jammed alongside:

Villa Straylight
Mr. Tommy Smalls (one of the most underappreciated talents in the city, imho)
Eryk S.
...the locals list could go on forever, so I'll just say "lots"

Meat Katie (U.K.)
Forest Green (San Fran)
Honeey Mustard (Calgary)
Skylab 2000 (U.S.)
Robert DeLaGaulthier (Neth. - K-head, if I ever saw one)
Chris Liberator (U.K.)
Mark EG (U.K., what a nutbar!!!)
DJ Godfather (U.S.)
Richie Hawtin (Canada, natch)
Jim Masters (U.K.)
Roger Sanchez (U.S. - stellar - 1,100 people at "Club Fun" in Manila - was also my going away party during my first stay there)

erm...that's all I can think of at the moment, and I really need to go track down a cigarette or ten. Since I have no WEED at this point and time, nick-oh-teen will have to suffice.

O.k., someone else take a turn!!! :D



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I am working on putting my shite together such as getting a full time job and such.
In a way on the same boat as you, Ian.
If you are too bored and want to brag about stuff, do you wanna go outside and get some fresh air and brag about it?

Como'n. let's try to find something that can keep you occupied and also reward you with real money.

i am serious :)
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Oooh shit, I almost forgot my Philippines posse!

All Manila based, though I'm not sure about the first guys, their shooting star may have already taken off by now.

Rubber Inc.
DJ Arvin
DJ Mulan
DJ Toti
DJ Edge
Cocoy Puyat

Did I mention that I also got to see Q-bert and Stacey Pullen together in Manila? That was INSANE. You see, Mr. Q-bert is Filipino, so the place was just RAMMED. He opened with a 15 minute scratch set, then ran another 15 mins on one decks, popping out disco loops and Drum-and-Bass mental chatter :eek: . Then he closed with a sick juggling set that just about dropped everyone's jaw in the crowd.

The Flips aren't so much into House, but Stacey opened with 'La La Land' (think it had *just* been released), and it was pretty smooth sailing from there on. Even though I wasn't spinning that night, I intro'd myself and told him how much respect myself, and the city of Toronto had for him - much love.

o.k., now I *really* need a ciggie.

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I'll beat anyone here in Hot Shots Golf 3.

and star wars: kotor if it was multiplayer (ooohs!, can you imagine??)


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Fuck Hot Shots Golf.

I'll kick your ass and make you eat your 5-iron in Mario Golf.

And don't even go there with SW:KOTOR.


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We could all sit back and write just as interesting threads, but who would care, no-one. I guess you proved that. congrats. add it to the list.
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Originally posted by Syntax Error
i finally wrote down an amazing theme that has been eluding me for some time. music kills me!
Fuck, I so just got your name, dude!! Where did my attention span go?

Lol, I'm going to work the 'Harmonie' side of my name now (most peeps don't realise that my d.j. name is an amalgamation of 'Harmonie' & 'Kaos') and say that:

music gives me life!




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Originally posted by Harmonika
... mostly because my partner had some problems with schizophrenia ...
Are you sure it was your partner who was the schizophrenic one?

Sounds to me like all your "accomplishments" involve simply meeting other people who have actually made it in the business. I am sure your music is quite good if you have been working on it for so long, but you shouldn't take credit for just knowing someone.

Cheers ... Ian :)
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