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The Bottomless Cup and the Topless Waitress?


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BOSTON (Reuters) - Facing stiff competition from nationwide coffee shop chains, one Maine businessman wants to offer more than just a regular cup of cappuccino to perk up his customers -- so he's hiring topless waitresses.

Normand St Michel submitted an application with the town of Madison, Maine, to open a topless coffee bar named the Heavenly Angels Coffee Shop.

"He has the go-ahead as far as the town is concerned," said Robert Dunphy, the town's code enforcement officer, adding that the project does not violate Madison's obscenity ordinance.

With that hurdle cleared, St Michel now has to make the establishment accessible to disabled customers and compliant with fire safety standards.

And even though city laws do not require the Heavenly Angels to impose an age limit, St Michel has decided to only admit those 18 or over.

"Not everyone wants (the coffee shop) but the age limit makes most everyone happy," Dunphy said.

The coffee shop is set to open during the summer.

St Michel was not immediately available for comment.
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ooops.. let me wipe that up for you :rolleyes:

another great idea.. just like the naked carwash... btw.. they've had these coffee shops in the states for a long time now.. soo funny... usually full of trucker types who prob don't even care lol

Hi i'm God

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Theres a peeler in Barrie that have topless tuesdays where the batenders are topless. The watriess in peelers often tend to be hoter then the strippers.