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The Bloc party last Saturday

Bobby Thrust

TRIBE Member
I know it is the Thursday after the night which would seem to be a bit dated, but I have been busy in the move to Montreal. Apologies. However, I felt this was a night worth mentioning since I had a such a good time. It was not crazy and off the hook, rather it was just right. Getting there are about midnight to some girl in line telling me that hard house and techno are the same thing. Ah Toronto the city of tolerance. It is not easy being a fan of good music rather than becoming a genre snob. I was not going to let that ruin my night so I jumped away from her and into the club. First person I see is D-monic which results in a drink ticket. All bad vibrations are knocked out my system at the prospect of getting a drink. We head on to the jungle room to my first dose of Toronto Jungle in a year. Slide was reminding me why Toronto has a deserved reputation for wicked talent. Being in Australia is like being in a timewarp to 98-99 so it was my first taste of the new dnb millenium. Bet nobody has ever said shit like that about before Tej! Then I ran into JD who I had met the week previous in Saskatoon but he was in a mad search for a mic. Upstairs to where Isaac S was finishing up his set of house. It was here that I met my friend that I was meeting for the evening (did you think I was par=taying alone?) Soon after we headed downstairs for more refreshemnt. The first sip of Jack Daniels and Coke is always the finest. It was at this point that I began to run into many of the friends that I had not seen since I had been back which always makes for good times. I believe Spinz was providing some birthday beats during this period.
Then we truck back upstairs with a little less faculties in the head as Tim Patrick has begun. I run to the booth to tell him that I he is my favourite. God bless the booze. At this point D-monic mentions that I really should check out Robb G in the basement. This is the first time for me in this club so I am grateful for the exploration. The downstairs lounge proves to be a sweet locale to kick it to some breaks. Armchairs are my favourite accessory of drinking so I was pretty happy to be down there for a while. I was introduced to some fine people who saw the need to buy me drinks so I was even more happy. Of course Robb G did not let me drink to long because I had to do a little martial arts. I practice my Boo-Tai which means a lot of booty shaking.
Back upstairs to check out the other rooms. Another problem with liking good music is that there is almost too much selection! A good problem nonetheless. Dmonic did not find time to play Madonna while I was there. He has possibly the best shirt on in the place and makes me feel like I am on vacation with every glance. He really should have been drinking something with an umbrella.
Then yet again to the top of the house where Jelo has taken the stage. I have been hearing about his success as of late with his production and I was very curious to check out his set. I got what expected which was some pummeling beats. Goodness!
On the jungle floor Marcus had taken the stage. I have been quite an admirer of his music since Wemf 2000. Truly one of the cities elite. I need to see this man play more. As happy as I was, I wanted to also see the Big Kahuna drop some techno upstairs.
Paul Walker took over for Jelo with proper techno. He was in good spirits and into good beats. I do love my techno, by gum. Soon things winded down and the night came to an end.
Had some szechuan with some friends after we left and then trucked on home with a content feeling. Truly one of the more fun club nights I have ever experienced in Toronto.
I do not know when I will get to see it again, but if that is how it is every week then I would reccommend to anyone since you do have lots of musical disparity as well as bars in every room.
Brian B