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The Birth Control Thread!


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At last!

Alright girls, dish.

What are you on. How do you like it? Side effects? What have you tried? What worked? What didn't?

I feel like this should be moved to the hallucinogens forum.


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okay, i'll start, but i'm a bad example.

right now - micronor - but only for about 20 days.

zero side effects aside from crazy breakthrough bleeding - but i'm told that'll go away. no mood swings, no bloating, no weight gain, etc. and i usually turn into a *psycho* on bc pills.

you have to take them at absolutely the same time every day though, otherwise you significantly increase your chances of becoming up the stick. i also hear that if you take them within a variance of even an HOUR, you'll bleed.

i'm still getting used to them, obviously, but i'll keep everyone posted with updates.


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Tricyclen 21 days - regular.

Been on it for over a month and I only have good things to say about this.
Not only my period came when planned (Monday), it's light, I have NO pain, slight bloating, NO sore breasts, no PMS... nothing.

It almost cleared my face (I am sure that this usually takes 3-6 months), I have no gained any weight (on the contrary, but I guess I have been watching my food intake), no mood swings, I actually feel more "balanced" than before, no cravings (actually, this was my first period that I can remember without any weird pre-menstrual cravings).

I guess my hormones were REALLY out of wack prior to this.


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i hear ya on the "*psycho* on bc pills" jess.. i'm a moody horrible nasty bitchy depressed evil demon-chick, on the pill. 3 years since i went off it for good, and i am so much saner now. i think. ;)

i'm loving my mirena, so far. periods reduced to almost nil, and it's 99.9% effective against pregnancy, which is awesome (the pill is only about 95%, and condoms are down around 70% when you're allergic to spermicide, like i am). also - less bloating and cramping and such now. tho the first few months were kinda shitty - almost constant spotting and wickedly bad bloating.

oh yeah - and persephone, when you check in here and rave about your nuva ring :D - i have a sample one that my doc tried to get me to try a few months ago - still in it's packaging, and it's free... want it? (it even comes in a pretty little drawstring bag, with all sorts of info and probably coupons or something. i'm not entirely sure, as i never even opened the bag.)
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Triquilar 28

Made my face break out a bit at first, and my tits expand...other than that, no side effects though*. It's pretty spectacular.

*some people have noticed I'm a little bitchier towards the end of the pack, but whatever. their problem not mine :cool:

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Also Triquilar 28, been on about last 10 yrs give or take a few small breaks.

No major side effects...occasionally get bitchy before my period, nothing worse than before, although it's been so long I can't remember. I get my period at the same time every month within about a 3 hour window, it's shorter and less cramps that without it.


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Marvelon 21

Been off it for a while. Time to back on it in preparation for the return of a sex life!!! No side effects.


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I'm on Marvelon... have been for about 5 or 6 years. No side effects except my cramps are tremendously better, it cleared up my skin (no more PMS monster pimples), and my periods are much lighter and shorter now.

I switched once for about 9 months cause my doctor said that I shouldn't be getting cramps at all (I was still getting slight ones, not complaining, she asked) and I wanted my boobs to grow. So I took Tricyclen (I think it was called... it had a sunflower on the package, and for some reason I thought the name started with a "D"). My periods were heavier and lasted all of 7 days, and I had severe cramps for the first 3 - 4 days. Stupid doctor.

I also went off the pill for almost a year... and I HATED it. It took me almost 2 months to first get my period after stopping the pill (weeks of torture), my cramps were back to being severe and unbearable, I got noticeable PMS, I never knew when my periods were going to start, sometimes I got them twice in a month, they lasted a full 7 days and were heavier.

I'm so happy with the pill that I think I take it for granted. I know exactly when I'm going to get my period, when the cramps will start (so I can take a pre-emptive Motrin and barely feel them), how I will feel throughout the whole cycle, and when my period will stop. And I can choose to skip all that if I want to by taking two packs back to back!
Also, with mine, according to my doctor, it's not really important to take it at the same time everyday... she even said that I'd be fine if I forgot a day and caught up by taking two at once. Which means that I generally try to take mine before bed (anywhere from 10pm - 6am) and if I forget, I just take it as soon as I remember.

I <3 my bcp. haha
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I have been on the pill since I was 15 (I'm 28 now) :O. There were a few times where I was off it for a few months or so, but aside from that, I've been on it continuously. When I'm not on it, the crimson tide becomes enormous, and I get very emotional during PMS time.

I've been on many different pills in my quest to find one that
a) Doesn't give me my period for two weeks out of the month


b) At least gives me a little period each month so I know I'm not pregnant.

Here is the list of pills I've been on:
-Ortho 777
-Diane 35
-Marvelon (again)

I haven't had any side effects on Marvelon that I can think of.


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sugar said:
I have been on the pill since I was 15 (I'm 28 now) :O. There were a few times where I was off it for a few months or so, but aside from that, I've been on it continuously. When I'm not on it, the crimson tide becomes enormous, and I get very emotional during PMS time.
i was the same way. i was on the pill almost consistently from 15 to almost 30. i didn't even realize how much it was affecting my constant (throughout the cycle) mood, until i'd been off it for a few months, and i looked back and realized that aside from worse pms, i was far happier than i had been in YEARS.

(i'm not saying that you are experiencing the same thing - just - your post reminded me of that time.)

since going off it, i definitely have worse pms than before. i'm more neurotic/paranoid, and high strung during that time of the month, but it's only for 2 days out of 26, rather than a slightly less intense, but *constant*, insanity [on the pill, i'm pretty much pms-ing all the freaking time.]

don't think i'll ever try another pill.


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I've been on BC since I was 16 (10 years now) and here's my history:

1) Tripahsil --> loved it. Boobs grew. No side effects
2) Alesse --> guess my doctor switched me over because its a lower dose pill. No complaints.
3) Depo-Provera --> was having troubles taking my pill on time, so I decided to switch to this on my doctor's recommendation. While it was nice to only have one period every three months, the weight gain and mood swings were not to my liking. I didn't like crying at the smallest thing and TV commercials, and my poor boyfriend had to deal with some ridiculous arguments. That coupled with the fact that you are pretty much denying your body estrogen, a hormone that is natural for women our age, and I decided to stop this after 1 year of therapy.
4) Evra --> god this sucked. The patch fell off a few times, I sometimes had reactions at the patch site, and the patch collected fuzz. Although my mood swings were reduced from depo, they were still there. nuff said.
5) NuvaRing --> I've talked about this a lot, but I just cannot emphasize enough how much I love this stuff. One ring per month, it stays in for three weeks and that's it. My cramps are all but gone, no boob tenderness, no PMS or mood swings and my skin has stayed clear. Its also resistant to reduced efficacy caused by concurrent antibiotic use. Did I mention that you don't have to remember to take a pill everyday? Yes, I am a happy girl.


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I think my mood is on a pretty even keel these days, so I'm not too worried about the hormonal effects on that. The only thing I would change about the pill is that I hate having to remember to take it daily. I should do some reading up on this Nuvaring and see what that's all about.

Edit: Doh! Thanks Persephone :)
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Has anyone gone off the pill and lost a ton of weight? This happened to my friend, but I'm not sure if it's because she went on a diet at the same time or if it was just the pill....

Anyway, I've been on LoEstrin for 4 years and I'm completely satisfied with it. Very light periods, no mood swings and no pain (but i never had any before the pill).

Before that I was on TriCyclen and Alesse. Allesse turned me into a psycho bitch for six month, then tricyclen was better, but loestrin was the best.


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I have 3 packs of Tricyclen 28 that expire January 2007 - I am not able to use them before the expiry date - is it safe to give away bc pills? They're not cheap if your not covered by benefits and I only paid $3/box - I'd be willing to give them away for free.


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when i went off the pill, a million years ago, i lost about 40 lbs (course, i was also going thru a particularly lengthy and stressful breakup at the time).

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I am losing weight on the pill, but I don't know if it's because of it, or because of my healthy/active lifestyle.
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