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The Bills are probably benching Losman against Miami..

Discussion in 'Sports' started by bucky, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. bucky

    bucky TRIBE Member

    So much for investing in a "franchise" quarterback. Let's hope the coaches smarten up and stop benching the kid before he demands to get outta town.
  2. bombthreat23

    bombthreat23 TRIBE Member

    ugh every year my bills find a new way to break my heart.
  3. bucky

    bucky TRIBE Member

    Correction, Holcomb IS starting on Sunday. I bet they'll only give the ball to Mcgahee 16 times again. They need to fire these coaches and just spend the money to bring in some that knows what the hell they're doing.
  4. Gizmo

    Gizmo TRIBE Member

    I think Holcomb could be a decent starter in the league. he has an arm and is accurate. Guy had two 400 yard games last year for Cleveland.
  5. -Mercury-

    -Mercury- TRIBE Member

    ah yes, JP Losman....... when i see him play i see a young Joey Harrington.

  6. bucky

    bucky TRIBE Member

    JP could probably do the same if they let him play. Look at the Manning brothers, both sucked there first years as starters, now look at them.

    Most retarded move ever by the Bills coaching staff.
  7. 2shapethefuture

    2shapethefuture TRIBE Member

    i agree, but i think it would also help if the Bills recievers stepped up their game. Moulds and Evans have not been too impressive yet and if the Bills wanna move the ball someone has to step up. With that said, it's only three games into the season with a rookie qb, so i guess a 1-3 record should not be that much of a suprise.

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