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The better cover letter


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Thought I would employ the knowledge of the tribe masses on this one. I am currently submitting job apps for the summer, and cover letters are required (for business sector). I am entertaining any suggestions/tips/guidelines or wisdom you may have in hopes of landing an entry level position in this sector.

maximum respect for your help
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i have a question which i thought was somewhat related to this thread.

i've recently asked various people to write me a letter of reference for me, and happily, they've conceded to do so.

but a few of them have asked me what i'm looking for/what the details are. i have no idea what to tell them. is there a generic template for a reference letter? should i instruct these individuals on what to write? i feel kind of shy...i don't want to say, 'mention how brilliant and articulate i am', for example. i'd rather them come up with something natural.

any help would be appreciated.


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In my experience, as long as you add "ps. I give handjobs for quarters" at the bottom of the coverpage, you will get the job, regardless of sector.