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The Best of the DJ Mix Forum 2005


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sean crawford - celluloid complexion
rents - post party classics
airbag - snow

all fantastic mixes.. they've def got some good mileage from me

zoo deserves some props too! fourier funk and snowed in were really really good


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Oh & the 3 sets from DJ wood (Island Holiday, Along for the Ride & Mangal mix- for track selection alone if nothing else!

(sorry I'm goin' through the sets I DL's & actually kept in my itoones)


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btw, I've got a mix here, labelled, in iTunes, as rshi8.

I have no idea who it's from, or where I got it,
but it's actually one of the better mixes I have here,
so if it's from you, please, claim your glory.


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ok, answered my own question.

The mix above is from Reid Speed, a NY Drum&Bass + 2step chick (yup, it takes all sorts to fill the world..)

Anyways, someone in the Hawt Girls thread said "she ain't hot"...

You're blind, dude...

(btw... that rshi8 mix is seriously decent... and I say that blindly...)


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Actually, I'm listening to a song here by her called "Train of Thought" that's seriously decent. She ironically quotes "Bush" in good 'ol classic Ministry "NWO" fashion...


Chew up the concrete...


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ok, actually, I just downloaded a Ms. Speed song called "Bring It Up", which is now temporarilly my New Favorite Song.

And she made it available for direct, free download in AIFF !!! form.



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I definitely dug the Spencer Daniels mixes, but especially Electr-ish

I don't know, but JK's Penalty For Misuse was just fantastic.

I haven't heard any of the recent mixes, been really busy lately, but I really just like that everyone is willing to share what they make. I love hearing good stuff no one else knows about. I feel like I'm a pioneer or explorer. :)

Also, post 600!! w00t!


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Electr-ish [Spencer Daniels] def. gets a worthy mention. It got me rockin' out in my seat on the train all the way home

I'd love a track ID on Electr-ish: tune kicks in at about 12:54 mins til just past 17:30mins. Actually if the entire set list would be appreciated!

To be fair, I haven't heard very many sets from this site so i can't really make a "best 2005" pick, but I do plan on downloading more.

Dr Funk MD

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Originally posted by sunnybreaks
I'd love a track ID on Electr-ish: tune kicks in at about 12:54 mins til just past 17:30mins. Actually if the entire set list would be appreciated!
Hahaha. I almost could have guessed what track that was without looking. It's Spektrum - Kinda New (Tiefschwarz Remix). I can't believe people are still asking about that one after this long.

The full track list is here.



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Does Mark Oliver have a tribe account? I think this thread is more for actual tribe members who posted mixes.


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i like the beat freakers obviously but there was another mix that was really good but for the life of me i cant remember the name now but its a wicked driving mix. Ill get back on that one.


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CPI - No One's Around (There's no need to argue)

Not certain if it was a 2005 release, but best downtempo mix EVER.


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Originally posted by queensyze
glad you guys liked the mix......wow I just snuck it right under to meet the 2005 list ....!!

more to come soon!

whoever is in Vancouver on Feb 18.......come here!!! It's gonna be fun!!


Babe, it goes without saying, whatwith that Reid Speed gush fest I had 2 steps back there...

this show looks AWESOME!

but alas, I'm a Mtl boy. Did Van once. Liked it. Fond memories. But WAY too expensive to hop a plane for whatnot trinkets....

(you do Mexico for that sort of thing...)

I'm lazy that way.:p
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All of Jeremy Jives mixes

Doublecross' - can't remember the title but its heavy rotation.

Ghaleon - Old sk00l bidness

BeatFreakers - Ghetto Cardio and Underground Burlesque

and countless others. I actually have TRIBE to thank for most of the music on my Ipod.
To all the contributors - Thank you for your work and bandwidth to bring the music to the masses.



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My Favs:

Greg Benz - "Early/Late mix"

Sean Crawford - "I invented pants"

Paranoid Jack - "Spring Promo Mix 2005"

Richard Raiban - "network"

Jon Tremblay - "Late Night"

wizard - "connecting the dots"

0=0 - "humidity"

dj zirca - "Ladies Night"

Doublecross - jazzy/atmospheric d'n'b


And thanks to thoughs that enjoyed my d'n'b mix, much appreciated.
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