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The best disses


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what do you guys think the best disses in hip hop rhymes are?

personally, i think Eyedea in Reintroducing is one of the best "you sold alot records, but i gotta question, how many ended up back in the used section....All of em"



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eminem - nail in the coffin

I would never claim to be no, Ray Benzino
An eighty-three year old fake Pacino
So how can he hold me over some balcony without
Blowing his lower back out as soon as he goes to lift me?
Please don't you'll probably fall with me, and our asses'll both be history
But then again you'd finally get your wish
cause you'll be all over the street like 50 Cent
Give me a one on one; see if I don't FUCK YOU UP
Tryin to jump the Ruff Ryderz and they cut you up
And you put Jada on a track, that's how much you suck dick in the industry
swear that you in the streets husslin'
You sit behind a fuckin desk at The Source butt-kissin'
And beggin motherfuckers for guest appearances
And you can't even get the clearances, 'cuz real lyricists
Don't even respect you or take you serious
It's not that we don't like you we HATE YOU period
Talk about a mid-life crisis, damn
Last week you was shaking Obie Trice's hand
Now he's a buster? What the fucks with that
Get on a track dissing us and kissin 50's ass
And asking me what I know about indictments, bite me
Bitch I got two cases, and probation, FIGHT ME!
What do I know about standing in front of a judge like a man
Ready to take whatever sentence he hands?
What you know about your wife slicing her wrists
Right in front of the only thing you have in this world? A little girl
And I put that on her, when this is all o-ver
I would never try to make her a star and eat off her
I don't know shit about no shopping rocks
But what you know about HipHop shops rocking spots?
Where you the only white boy up in the bitch just rippin'?
Pressing up your own flyers and your stickers, stickin'
Them bitches up after spending six hours at Kinko's
Just making copies of your covers to cassette singles
To sell them out of the trunk of your Tracer
Spending your whole paychecks at Disk Makers
What you know about being bullied over half your life?
Oh that's right, you should know what that's like, you're half white
Vanilla Ice, spill the beans and rice
I'm eating you alive inside, Jesus Christ!
If you're that much of a gangsta, put the mic down
You should be out killin motherfuckers right now!
Kill a motherfucker dead, KILL 'EM DEAD BITCH!
Shoot 'em in the fuckin head, GO AHEAD BITCH!
Slap my mom; slap THE FUCK OUT OF HER!
She can't sue you; she wouldn't get a buck out of ya
'Cuz you're broke as fuck, YOU SUCK, you're a FUCKIn JOKE
If you was really sellin COKE with, then WHAT THE FUCK-
You STOP for, dummy? If you slew some crack
You'd make a lot more money then you do from rap
You'll never have no security, you'll never be famous
You'll never know what it's like to be rich; life's a bitch ain't it?
Raymond? Here let me break the shit down in Laymen's
Terms for you, just to make sure that you can understand it
Since Canibus is using too many complicated fuckin words for you
Here let me slow it down for so you could understand if I say it slower
... Let it go dog, it's over

terrawrist III

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EL-P's 770 years to date where he tears esoteric a new one...

"your greatest contribution to music was introducing me to lif"

"that was your girl's pussy on the keyboard how you think i made vital nerve"

couldn't find ALL the lyrics but he does it in pure El fashion and it hurts...hurts SO good...you feel for eso on this one;)

wayne bradbury

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Sick Of You

I ain't feelin' you, the only thing I'm feel is an allergic reaction
Pass the medication, you got me sick like a patient
Digesting your weak conversation
Shut the fuck up 'cause I'm not patient
But I'm mental, you might catch laceration
Wanna be hard rock, STOP
Playing at your age, I'm sick from you pussys
Like I fucked all y'all and got aids


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"An' Em, whats tha du-rag for?
You neva gon' have braids, you'll never know black pain
but you can become tha first white rappa slain.
Jus' get yo money mayn, tha INC is runnin' thangs,
hideout wit 'Loose Change'.
An' you nigga Ima send you ta mommy...
wit strict ordas from Gotti ta hide tha body.
An' Dre, ya days comin' too cuz I got a team of misfits thats quiet
an' handle they business, Cause....
IM SHOOTIN'...at all yall niggas,
an' 'Lil Mo you jus' one of dem bitches
that ain't had a hot song in how long? NEVA!
Ya betta off wit a dick in ya mouth, shutup!!
Em ya claim ya mother's a crackhead and Kim is a known slut,
so what's Haley gon' be when she grows up?"

Ja Rule attacking Eminem

"Now I'm not trying to make no more enemies
No more unfortunately
There's so many other motherfuckers that just are
They just keep pounding at me
Now that I'm down with 50
Suddenly now I got beef with this faggot Ja [laughter]
But his ass is such a puppet
Irv could shove his whole hand up it
And just make him say what he wants him to say
But suge has Irv on a string
And Irv's so nervous that he
Says anything to this man to keep him at bay
So now Ja thinks that he's so tough
And Murder Inc.'s the big bad wolf
And they go huff and puff and blow our label down
But our building's made out of bricks
So you ain't taking out shit
and dawg you just did a song with Bobby Brown
So now you try to pull a race card
And it backfires in your face hard
Cuz you know we don't play that black and white shit
Plus the sylist you fucked
When you was ecstasied up
Was just a man who's dressed up as a white bitch"

Eminem's Reply

Not "the best" but I'm trying to find that old DJ Camillo mixtape I have kicking around with a Canibus diss to Wyclef that was scorching!!!


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Not necessariy a dirty diss, but these lyrics are deep...

Cormega - love in love out

When I came home from jail we was brothers
Your beef was my beef
Remeber that time with Butta on your video set
When he was talkin' bout shootin'
If you don't pay him, then I got into it
Son you gave me a hundred dollars when I came home
I didn't complain I wasn't in it to gain
You my nigga when you hot and when the temperature changed
Now we enemies, 'til we enter the grave
When I got signed to Def Jam I offered you ten grand
You said you didn't want it, then you started acting funny
It started with the cover of YSB
A picture of The Firm, everyone except me
Then my voice disappeared off La Familia
That's when it was clear to me there wasn't no real love
I was out The Firm, unless I signed a production deal
Which I didn't do cus son, that wasn't real
I was never jealous of you
In fact I was proud of you
I smiled when I heard you on "Live at the Barbeque"
I respect you as an artist thou I'm no longer fond of you
I gave you love from the heart unlike the people surrounding you

Love in, Love out
Nowaways is no honor, only drama
Your friend today can be your enemy tomorrow
Never show weakness, tell 'em no secrets
What's deep is, I had love for you
But due to situations, I can't fuck with you
Trust is a luxury I can't afford
Betrayal's something that I can't ignore

(Verse 2)
My love is real
Some earn it, some are unworthy
Some, walk in the prescence of men with thoughts to hurt me
And wonder why I throw shade and stay to myself
Cus I'm me, plus I'm not betraying myself
I'm free from the burden of extending my hand
To my man's that don't deserve it
I only trust fam
When I was locked up, you was doing you excluded me
You should be happy now that I'm doing me
Niggas, acting like I won't give up a habit
I got a question: Who came to spank weight empty handed?
You smile in my face yet your eyes reveal the hate
Next time you talk about me, mention I ain't fake
I'm living my dream, live yours
I gave sweat and tears
You didn't even buy my CD, you say you my man? (uh)
You so jealous your emotions make you careless
I hope when you hear this it makes you think before you staring
At your last I hear you scheemin'
I'm reading you your last right
Get your mind off primitive thoughts and get your cats right
I'm not limited, without rap I'd still be gettin' it
Yours truly, the dealer / lyricist


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no vaseline - ice cube

Got damn, I'm glad ya'll set it off.
Used to be hard, now you're just wet and soft.
First you was down with the AK,
and now I see you on a video with Michel'le?
Lookin' like straight bozos.
I saw it comin', that's why I went solo.
And kept on stompin',
when ya'll mothafuckers moved straight outta Compton.
Livin' with the whites, one big house,
and not another nigga in site.
I started off with too much cargo,
dropped four niggas now I'm makin' all the dough.
White man just rulin'.
The Niggas With Attitudes -- who ya foolin'?
Ya'll niggas just phony,
I put that on my mama and my dead homeys.
Yella Boy's on your team, so you're losin';
Ay yo Dre, stick to producin'.
Callin' me Arnold, but you Been-a-dick;
Eazy E saw your ass and went in it quick.
You got jealous when I got my own company,
but I'm a man, and ain't nobody helpin' me.
Tryin' to sound like Amerikkka's Most,
you could yell all day but you don't come close.
Cuz you know I'm the one that flown,
ya done run 100 miles, but you still got one to go.
With the L-E-N-C-H M-O-B, and ya'll disgrace the C-P-T.
Cuz you're gettin' fucked out your green by a white boy,
with no vaseline...

The bigger the cap, the bigger the peelin',
who gives a fuck about a punk-ass villain?
You're gettin' fucked real quick,
and Eazy's dick, is smellin' like MC Ren's shit.
Tried to tell you a year ago,
but Willie D told me to let a hoe be a hoe, so
I couldn't stop you from gettin' ganked,
now let's play big-bank-take-little-bank.
Tried to dis Ice Cube, it wasn't worth it
cuz the broomstick fit your ass so perfect.
Cut my hair and I'll cut them balls,
cuz I heard you're, like, givin' up the drawers.
Gang-banged by your manager, fella,
gettin' money out your ass, like a mothafuckin' Ready Teller.
Givin' up the dollar bills,
now they got the Villain with a purse and high-heels.
So don't believe what Ren say,
cuz he's goin' out like Kunte Kinte,
but I got a whip for ya Toby;
used to be my homey, now you act like you don't know me.
It's a case of divide-and-conquer,
cuz you let a Jew break up my crew.
House nigga gotta run and hide,
yellin' Compton, but you moved to Riverside.
So don't front, MC Ren, cuz I remember when you drove a B 2-10.
Broke as a mothafuckin' joke.
Let you on the scene to back up the Verse Team.
It ain't my fault, one nigga got smart,
and they rippin' your asshole apart.
By takin' your green, oh yeah,
the Villain does get fucked with no vaseline.

I never have dinner with the President.
And when I see your ass again, I'll be hesitant.
Now I think you a snitch,
throw a house nigga in a ditch.
Half-pint bitch, fuckin' your homeboys.
You little maggot; Eazy E turned faggot.
With your manager, fella,
fuckin' MC Ren, Dr. Dre, and Yella.
But if they were smart as me,
Eazy E would be hangin' from a tree.
With no vaseline, just a match and a little bit of gasoline.
Light 'em up, burn 'em up, flame on...
till that Jheri curl is gone.
On a permanent vacation, off the Massa plantation.
Heard you both got the same bank account,
dumb nigga, what you thinkin' bout?
Get rid of that Devil real simple, put a bullet in his temple.
Cuz you can't be the Nigga 4 Life crew
with a white Jew tellin' you what to do.
Pullin' wools with your scams, now I gotta play the Silence of the Lambs.
With a midget who's a punk too,
tryin' to fuck me, but I'd rather fuck you.
Eric Wright, punk, always into somethin', gettin' fucked at night.
By Mista Shitpacker, bend over for the gotdamn cracker, no vaseline...


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skillz's whole ghostwriter song is gold.

my personal fave is Haley..

'haley c'mere baby... what do you wanna be whe you grow up?'

'i dunno but i don't want to grow up to be like ja rule's dirty ass kids.'

lol i love her she's so cute.

The Kid

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"Mad Skillz" "On the real"
"I`ll probably make more money off your album than you" (Repeat 3x)

"I`m want to tell you once, and only once"

First of all, I ain`t even want to make this shit
There`s a lot of rap cats out here faking the shit
I`m a ghostwriter, I`m the cat that you don`t see
I write hits for rappers you like and charge `em a fee
Yo don`t get me wrong dog, it`s the cheddar that counts
But fuck that nigga ______ cause his fucking check bounced
You thought ______ your single was hot?
I wrote that shit five minutes in a parking lot
I`m the one that your man ______ had to go and get
Cause he smoked too much lye, couldn`t write his own shit
Now ______ A&R, he on my answering machine sick
Hollaring in my phone, "Skillz, can you write to this?"
Sure, for stacks, nigga, I make your act bigger
But fuck ______ and his whole label cause I ain`t never get my plaque, nigga
Jadakiss told y`all cats and that`s that
Y`all have a ASCAP or get your ass capped

"Mad Skillz" "Ghost writer, and for the right price
I can even make yo shit tigher" --> Jay Z (Repeat 3x)
"When my pen hits the paper, awwww shit!" --> Kane

Now that fool ______ can`t flow, but his crew is sick
Cause he got long dough, so wait til you hear his new shit
I did two songs for ______ til they dough got straight
And even ______ from the West Coast owe me some pape
Remember the little kids, the one that was in ______ group?
I`m the reason you though they lil raps was so cute
I had a hundred songs on the Billboard list
Ask again dog, how I got your deal on my wrist
I did done NBA cats and NFL
But I stopped in `97 cause they shit don`t sell
Now ______ paid up cause she was owing me stacks
Who in the hell you think had that chicken flowing like that?
I hate writing for ______ cause he take too long
Crying about the price, I hit him with two fucking songs!
Ran up in ______`s office and wrecked his staff
Cause it`s been two years and dog ain`t paid the second half

"Mad Skillz" "Ghost writer, and for the right price
I can even make yo shit tigher" --> Jay Z (Repeat 3x)
"When my pen hits the paper, awwww shit!" --> Kane

So if you just signed, trust me dog, you can`t touch it
Don`t ask your label for Skillz, cause that ain`t in your budget
Y`all cats parlay for chips, I mingle for mills
I turn your whole album into a single deal
I stopped writing for ______ cause that fool don`t get it
Looking long sessions and he punching every five minutes
Where my ones, nigga? What the fuck I look like?
And his man ______ got mad cause he couldn`t get the hook right
I spit ______ and we don`t see eye to eye
So I feel like Lee took his Rollie up in BMI
I`m the one that gave ______ his brand new sound
I did his last two albums without even writing `em down
And for ______ from the South, dog you shook
Stop bouncing on stage nigga like you wrote that hook
You favorite rappers` songs? I put the flames in it
Y`all keep fucking around, I`m a put this back out with your names in it

"Mad Skillz" "Ghost writer, and for the right price
I can even make yo shit tigher" --> Jay Z (Repeat 3x)
"When my pen hits the paper, awwww shit!" --> Kane


Well-Known TRIBEr
Common- Bitch In You

A bitch nigga wit an attitude named Cube
Step to Com wit a feud
Now what the fuck I look like dissing a whole coast
You ain't made shit dope since AmeriKKKa's Most
Wanted to cease from the Midwest to the East
On the dick of the East for your 1st release
Your lease is up at the crib house niggaz get evicted
And videos wit white boys talking you get Wicked
Natural Born Killa, nigga you natural born God
Look, read listen, got the nerve to say you rob
Hyprocrite, I'm filling out your Death Certificate
Slanging bean pies and St Ide's in the same sentence
Shoulda repented, on the 16th of October
Get some beats besides George Clinton to rock over
Rap career is over, better off acting
What trouble I see, you're managing WC and Wack 10
You backed in to a four corner hustla
Lying on your dick, said you was fuckin her
Use Higher Learning, don't take my words out of text
Went from gangsta to Islam to the dick of Das EFX
It'll take the Nation of Millions to Hold Me Back
From giving you mouth shots or hit wit the pipe Ralph got
When sucker ain't around, it's your Friday, it was good
I wasn't salty, she was wit the Boyz N the Hood
I see the bitch in you when you don't speak your mind
The bitch in you, looking me in my eyes lyin
I see the bitch in you, simply hard, you find
The bitch in you but yo it's coming out
Verse Two:
Up on this rap shit, Cube, I'm calling out
I break in and smack niggaz that's in the Slaughterhouse
This ain't no East coast, West coast, none of the above
I'm from Chi, I went to Cali, niggaz gave me love
There's a thin line between the fake and the real
Grafted ass nigga, I see through your Glass Shield
Had skills once upon a time on this project, yo
I'm a have ta wreck a Ho'shea
I heard a ho say you her favorite rapper
(So what) so I had to slap her, ugn
And violate you, a Muslim drinking brew
Your nigga ain't no Mack 10, he's a 22
I seen you, you ain't say shit to ATL
Cube, I like that diamond charm, I might cuff it, then sell
It out, like you sold Kam and Threat
A year ago, you wasn't talking shit about the West
Guess you knew you're shit was done plus the one got you cable
Hoo Bangin, you ain't banging shit but the table
And the Circle Madd, ain't got no choice but to fight
Ain't none of y'all muthafukas got a chance on the mic
Anytime you come out, yo, I'm a talk about you
Until you let that bitch in you, walk up out you
Any last words before I hit the switch
From the immortal words of one, a bi


Well-Known TRIBEr
Masta Ace- Acknowledge

I hear these cats, but I ain't listening
A little faint dissing, a little scratch, a little paint missin'
But I still gleam and glisten, hot like a stream of piss 'n
I'm about to have ya whole team wishing
That you never got this shit started
You about to be dearly departed, you gotta be nearly retarded
To let me hear my name mention, try'na gain attention
Now I'm runnin' through this game lynchin'
And I heard a few cats tryna take shots on the low
These XFL rappers tryna fuck with a real pro
One thing; who named y'all the High and the Mighty?
To me, ya'll just sound like a couple of High Whities
You had to be on mad coke and XTC,
To think for a second, you can stand next to me
Look, don't ever again mention my name in ya freestyles
Or I cut off ya transmission faster than Lee Miles
And I heard ya album, this must be something you're new at
'Cause I rather hear a Lil' Wayne/Lil' Zane duet
My cellphone stay ringin', like a slap in the ear
So I hope y'all don't plan on making rap a career
Cause ever since Heav' was in Vernon I been burnin'
Next year, y'all be up in Rawkus, interning
And I shoulda let it known what your government names are
To make sure you +Take It Personal+ like Gang Starr, motherfuckers

"I got one lyric, pointed at your head for start
Another one, is pointed at your weak ass heart" -> Guru
And that go for any other so called rapcats, in the game
"Pay homage, respect" -> Nas
"Acknowledge the rep" -> Nas
"Another fake jack I slay with my spectac' rap display" -> Guru
And believe me, I ain't forget about him, naw
"Pay homage, respect" -> Nas
Nope.. "Acknowledge the rep" -> Nas
Just you wait..
"Acknowledge the rep" -> Nas

[ Verse Two ]
Yo, yeah I heard of the Boogiemann when I was a youth, scary
And I found out that he was as fake as a tooth-fairy
Since my last mission this nigga's been ass-kissing
I took a minute, I gave your single a fast listen
Tell me this, no pot to piss in? How you dissin'
You group holmes are about to report that you missing
And I don't know who was worse, the track or the verse
I'ma get to your producer, but I'm smacking you first
See I couldn't even find one nigga that heard of you
I did find a few cats that wanted to murder you
But I told 'em "Chill", I let 'em know you was my son
And I promise I can pay support to you twenty-one
Consider me the clothes on your back and a warm meal
Who knows, this might just get you a deal
And the day that your album go on sale for the first hour
Just remember like Nas nigga, +I Gave You Power+
I figured I give ya some help, cause you need lots
I make your producer change his name to Speed Nottz
Tell him I say "Fuck him!" for doing the tracks
Matter of fact, fuck Fat Beats, for doing the wax
I'ma diss you via e-mail and then through a fax
I'ma diss you by two-way, I ain't gon' never relax
I'ma diss you over fast, slow track or no track
If your shit wasn't so wack, I dissed you to yo' track
You that little fish that I catch and I throw back
And by the way, give 50 Cent his flow back
You that cat in the club that get hit with a bottle
Fuckin' with me? You better off trying to hit lotto
And don't answer back, this is hard shit to follow
And you can't spit nigga, so you obviously must swollow, motherfucker..


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Calling Out Names
Sup Fred?
Gangsta shit
West Coast ...
[Verse One]
Niggas with hepatitis
Unauthorized hard-to-move arthritis
Infected selected neglected ejected
And next time ya hit the West
You could best believe, believe the best, mothaFUCK the rest
What you supposed to be snatching?
You coming to a world of punctured hearts and jacking
Lethal illegal overseeing the [??] be like seagulls
Balls in ya jaws on the hunt like bald eagles
The end of the sequel
I'm the milli-mac and the strong-end and nigga to blame you
And I'mma start calling ya'll bitch niggas by name:
Mothafuck D
Mothafuck M
Only X I know is Xzibit or RBX
Extraordinary, trynna snatch my bitch
You can have the bitch, two bitches getting rich
Just to come to the West Coast and get stripped down
Beat to death and stripped, all over a bitch
Now it's 50 MC's that ain't worth shit
Get ya ass kicked 50 times, beat to 10 cent
I love New York, but the niggas that represent, ya'll ain't shit New York
They acting like a bitch New York
Buckshot, Noreaga, Jigga - cool
Canibus, Wu-Tang, my niggas - cool
Def Squad and DefJam, but fuck Ja Rule
Irv Gotti I can't wait for Raekwon to break fool
Trynna sign Daz, nigga Daz ‘ll sign you
And when you hit the West, this is what we gon' do:
Get ya'll niggas, slap ya'll niggas like bitches
Dipping through the ‘hood on switches
I just bought me a Cadillac last week
Wit' a new bitch since my old bitch tweaked
Naw homeboy, the game just ain't the same
If you wanna know, Kurupt said it, and I'm Calling Out Names
*scratching* "Never did like him"
"You know what?" *scratching* "Fuck, fuck, fuck all ya'll"
[Chorus: Kurupt, (Xzibit), ]
"It's for my niggas and my bitches,
my bitches and all my niggas, my niggas and
my bitches, my bitches and all my niggaaaass!"
Calling Out Names!
(Now if it wasn't for the West,
these rap niggas wouldn't need a vest around they chest)

(Now if it wasn't for the West,
these rap niggas wouldn't need a vest around they chest)

[Verse 2]
I don't give a fuck
Catch me in da ‘hood all blue Chucks, gangbanged the fuck out Cuz
Only thing I like that Ryde Ruff is Eve
And all the rest of ya'll niggas who Ryde Ruff get these
I'mma tell you one mo' time and I won't say it again
Kurupt said it mothafucka from beginning to end
You salamander-ass caterpillar-ass mothafucka
Fake-ass busta-ass fake killa mothafucka
If it wasn't for the West,
these rap niggas wouldn't need a vest for they chest
Quoted from a fucka homie X
The Lox ya'll my mothafuckas, can't forget ya'll
And that's spoken on from the mothafuckin Dogg
All the rest of ya'll, tell ya like this
Eat a fat dick bitch
I'm Callin Out Names!
Fuck Ruff Ryder
Fuck The Firm
Fuck Belly
Kurupt says fuck ‘em
Nigga, now if I didn't say yo name, then this ain't for you
But if you try to speak then I'mma peel the paint for you
I cause brain tumors, thinking of a thought to think
Letting off caliber's ‘til the chamber need to be changed
Empty out, simply don't tempt me,
I empty out until everything in this mothafucka's gone
I empty house off of empty rounds
Now what the fuck you gotta say?
What the fuck you wanna see? The homie's on my K
I never worry ‘bout none of ya'll so why now?
I run it through and this is how you do it Dogg Pound (ROOF!)
The Gang, we master blast and maintain
Weed money cocaine got us all insane
Bitch niggas remember even though the times may change
I want Kurupt said it nigga, and I'm Calling Out Names
*scratching* "Never did like him"
"You know what?" *scratching* All ya'll! "Fuck, fuck, fuck all ya'll"
[Chorus: Kurupt, (Xzibit), ]
"It's for my niggas and my bitches,
my bitches and all my niggas, my niggas and
my bitches, my bitches and all my niggaaaass!"
West Coast! Bout Time!
(Now if it wasn't for the West,
these rap niggas wouldn't need a vest around they chest)
Let's start!

Coasta' nigga!
(Now if it wasn't for the West,
these rap niggas wouldn't need a vest around they chest)
Holla at'cha boy… On the West Coast… get at me homie!

(Now if it wasn't for the West,
these rap niggas wouldn't need a vest around they chest)

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I can't believe nobody mentioned this one when i read this thread.
This is only the first verse, and the end of the track. Dissin Biggie, Bad Boy records, Juniour Mafia, Mobb Deep and Chino XL. (I kinda felt bad for IMD after this). In the end he's not even rappin,
staright up!

Tupac_Hit em up

So I f**ked your bi**h
You fat mutha-f**ka {Take Money}
West Side
Bad Boy Killers {Take Money}
You know who the realist is
ni**as we bring it to {Take Money}
[ha ha, that's alright]

First off, f**k your bi**h
And the click you claim
West side when we ride
Come equipped with game
You claim to be a playa
But, I f**ked your wife
We bust on Bad Boys
ni**as f**k for Life
Plus Puffy tryin' to see me weak
Hearts I rip
Biggie Smalls and Junior Mafia
Some mark a*s bi**hes
We keep on coming
While we running for yah jewels
Steady gunning
Keep on busting at them fools
You know the rules
Little Ceasar go ask you homie
How i'll leave yah
Cut your young a*s up
See yah in pieces
Now be deceased
Little Kim,
Don't f**k with real a*s G's
Quick to snatch your ugly a*s, off the streets
So f**k peace
I'll let them ni**as know
It's on for Life
Don't let the west side
Ride the night [ha ha]
Bad Boys murdered on Wax and kill
f**k with me
And get your caps peeled
You know, See


Grab your glocks when you see 2pac
Call the cops when you see 2pac, Uhh
Who shot me,
But, your punks didn't finish
Now, you 'bout to feel the wrath of a menace
ni**a, I hit 'em up

Now you tell me who won
I see them, they run [ha ha]
They don't wanna see us
Whole Junior Mafia click
Dressing up to be us
How the f**k they gonna be the Mob?
When we always on out job
We millionaire's
Killing ain't fair
But somebody got to do it

Oh yah Mobb Deep [uhh]
You wanna f**k with us
You Little young a*s mutha-f**kas
Don't one of you ni**as got sickle-cell or something
You f**king with me, ni**a ?
You f**k around and catch a seizure or a heart-attack
You better back the f**k up
Before you get smacked the f**k up
This is how we do it on our side
Any of you ni**as from New York that want to bring it,
Bring it.
But we ain't singing,
We bringing drama
f**k you and your mother f**king mama.
We gonna kill all you mother f**kers.
Now when I came out, I told you it was just about biggie.
Then everybody had to open their mouth with a mother f**kin opinion
Well this is how we gon' do this:
f**k Mobb Deep,
f**k Biggie,
f**k Bad Boy as a staff, record label, and as a mother f**kin crew.
And if you want to be down with Bad Boy,
Then f**k you too.
Chino XL, f**k you too.
All you mother f**kers,
f**k you too.
(take money, take money)
All of y'all mother f**kers,
f**k you, die slow mother f**ker.
My fo' fo' (.44 magnum) make sure all yo' kids don't grow.
You mother f**kers can't be us or see us.
We mother f**kin' Thug Life riders.
West Side till' we die.
Out here in California, ni**a
We warned ya'
We'll bomb on you mother f**kers.
We do our job.
You think you the mob, ni**a, we the mother f**kin' mob
Ain't nuttin' but killers
And the real ni**as, all you mother f**kers feel us.
Our s**t goes triple and four quadruple
You ni**as laugh cuz our staff got guns under they mother f**kin' belts
You know how it is and we drop records they felt
You ni**as can't feel it
We the realist
f**k 'em.
We Bad Boy killas.


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Pepople come up to me and they try to talk shit...
I was making records when you were sucking your mothers dick!



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this is more of a poetic diss - but man i love oldschool gangstarr.

So if you stand in my way, I'm gonna have to spray
Learn that "if you come against me son your gonna have to pray"
Since back in the day I held The Weight and kept my head up
The wanna see the God catch an L Itz all a Set Up
I give no man or thing power over me
Why these niggaz so jealous and lookin sour, over me?
I'm bolder, G, I'm like impossible to stop
I'm like that nigga in the ring with you, impossible to drop
I'm like two magazine fully loaded to your one
Plus I ain't gonna quit spittin, nigga, till your done
Plus, more than over, I got my whole shit together
More than a decade of hits, that'll live forever
Catchin rep off my name? Your bound to fry
Know how many niggaz that I know, is done to die
We never fail, and we ain't never been frail
You niggaz talk crime, but you scared of jail