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the beginning of house


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i'm sure this has been discussed many times before, but a buddy and i were talking about who started house and we had a disagreement.
he says it was started by gorgio moroder's productions, francois k's re edits, and larry levan's djing in new york.
i don't fully disagree, cuz i think without the foundation that they layed in new york, the madness in chicago would have never happened. but i don't think house was REALLY house until the boys in chi - town got their hands on it.
i think that house became house when frankie knuckles moved from new york to chicago. he would play those moroder and francois k records, along with salsoul disco, and philly soul the way larry levan had taught him. but, he would go a step further and underpin the beats with a 808 or 909. this inspired guys like jamie principle and jesse saunders to produce the first 'house' records for frankie to play at the club.
around the same time a chicago radio station called wbmx had a show called the 'hot mix', which showcased guys like ralphie rosario, and farley 'jackmaster' funk. these guys took the djing craft a step further by performing mix tricks like scratching, spin backs, and doubles juggling. this was 'house' for the kids in chi who couldn't get into the clubs. supposedly dj sneak learned to speak english, as well as learn to dj from this show.
so, what do you guys and girls of tribe think? new york or chicago? gorgio moroder or jamie principle? larry levan or frankie knuckles?
beat the dead horse!
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House music may have some roots from NY.
However Chi-town has to be thought of as the tree that branched
out. I mean Frankie Knuckles spinning at the Warehouse in
the early 80's is how the music made a name for itself Literally no?

Also we shouldn't forget about the influence of such groups like
The pet shops boys, Depech mode and other early electronica

That's Just my opinon. ;)


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house music begins, not in Chicago in 1985, but in NYC in the early seventies in the gay underground.

House music and the modern electronic dance scene grew out of an oppressed peoples' need to build alternative communities in which they find refuge from the bigotry and racism of mainstream culture. Sanctuary, in NYC - located on West 43rd Street in Hell's Kitchen and was a converted Baptist church - The Sanctuary was also a center for musical experimentation by the very gifted DJs Francis Grosso, Michael Capella and Steve D'Acquisto.

Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles, two very important figures in the development of house music and the modern dance scene, were two black teenagers from Brooklyn who, like a lot of other gay kids, were workin' the big apple at the dawn of gay party culture.

Larry was cruised by David Mancuso, who had an affinity for black boys, and the two had a brief affair. The relevancy here is that through this fortuitous meeting Larry and Frankie were introduced into the world of dance music, DJs and producers through Mancuso's legendary Loft parties.

An interesting read about the evolution of house music here.
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Like it or not, house in the eighties was first and foremost a descendant of disco. Even Farley couldn’t deny that the foundation for Chicago house was New York underground disco. After all, Frankie Knuckles, the acknowledged “godfather” of Chicago house, got his start in Manhattan, where he was spinning records in the early ‘70s with another legendary deejay, the late Larry Levan.


- informative site with an incredible amount of archived info (not only for music but film, art, style, etc. check it.)



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Originally posted by Zorro
I mean Frankie Knuckles spinning at the Warehouse in the early 80's is how the music made a name for itself Literally no?

It's roots are further back but I think this is how the term "house" came about. People began to refer to the music he was playing at the club as warehouse and eventually house music and it caught on. Check "Last Night..." it's the ish.


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highly recommended reading...

" 'You Better Work!' Under ground Dance Music in New York City" - by Kai Fikentscher

... imho, the ULTIMATE in-depth study of underground dance music. a very detailed, well-researched look at all aspects of the scene: the dj, the dancer, nightclubs, production, distribution, the history of the culture and all its cultural connections. a MUST read. whereas the book "Last Night a Dj..." is more of an entertaining read, this book offers the no-frills, no- fluff facts.


p.s. libradragon... that site (jahsonic.com) is the shit! everything most would ever want to know about house (besides art, film, etc...) and more.
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I remember a long while back. Somebody here posted a link to this site, containing a 3 part documentary on the origins of house music. I watched em and THEY WERE THE SHIT!

Did anyone else manage to watch them? Or better yet, anybody remember the site?