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The Beer Store


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So it seems that the Powers That Be have decided to extract more money. This time its on the face of it politically easy: large foreign-based multinationals. Articles in the Star and now the Globe have appeared to present the story. There hasn't been much in the way of story otherwise, so I think it's a green light for the government to start extracting. If I remember my economics correctly, monopolies have pricing power limited by demand, so this could be big money to somebody.

I don't think beer AND liquor in convenience stores would be a big thing myself.
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I do agree that brewers should be allowed to have more than 1 store, per the Globe article you linked. This is the issue with the new Bellwoods Brewery location opening in the Junction... It will be a brew pub, but won't have the same take-away policy that is available on Ossington because they aren't allowed to have multiple storefronts.

And while there are many reasons that the Beer Store is evil, I'm not one to say that we need to allow beer in convenience stores. People always use Montreal as the counterpoint but when I was there earlier in the year finding craft beer was next to impossible, so in essence the independent retailers are still going to sell the big brand options you get force fed at the Beer Store already, which changes nothing.

On the flip side, opening options at the liquor store (like being able to buy 12 packs) is not a bad idea, but there is plenty of reason to still back the LCBO, most of which were nicely put in this article.


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I hate the beer store. I think it's a shitty company & retail outlet. They don't stock local micros because it's a oligopoly, and it's prohibitively expensive for the small outfits to get their product in there. Their stores are just horrendous.

The only one I like is the boutique beer store at distillery.

I like the LCBO, but it should be de-regulated a bit. They need specialty liquor stores, like ones specific for whiskey, and they need to really try to get more unique bottles in there.

Whiskey Du Maison is a fine example of the epitome of a whiskey store. We need one here! Chicago has some awesome liquor stores as well. I forget the name at the moment though...

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A Burlington bar has launched a class action lawsuit against the Beer Store over a "secret conspiracy" to limit competition. More to come...
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As long as I am unable to buy a 6pack at 5:01pm on Sunday, my kids and I will sleep safe at night.