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The Bad Bwoy Yardie...AKA The one like...GOLDIE!!!!


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Alright, first and foremost I must say that the last dnb event which i attended was Soundclash 1.

Ive been on hiatus for a loooong time, but I had to come out of the woodworks for Goldie. I missed him last time he was down in Toronto, and ive been kickin myself ever since.

I arrived at The Living Room at about 11:40, and expected the line to be held til 12. To my surprise, we got in at 11:55. From what i hear it cost $30 anytime after 12. And...Sniper and Marcus had to stand in line, cuz the almighty guestlist, was closed...thats just funny to me. Dont know if they had to wait in it though...

Now, its been about 2 long years, and is it just me, or have people become increasingly RUUUUDE. People stepping on toes, bumping, pushing, fronting their way around like they are the SHIT.

Given...it was rammed inside the venue, and there were the odd friendly folk around, but cmon...if you step on someones toes, say sorry dammit. Basic manners...

All that aside, Goldie impressed the hell outta me. Tight mixing, good selection, and energy. Just what this ole man needed!!! Track after track, of breakbeat goodness...really nice to hear this sound on a reletively decent soundsystem again. Although i am surprised that Champion Sound is still in the starting rotation.

All in all a good night...i think i would have payed $50 to see this man. Now that im satisfied, I can crawl back into my little hub for another couple of years...or atleast until someone brings back Simon Bassline Smith *hint* (into the Jungle, last time???)


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I must say, I didn't know what to expect...but that was one fucking sick night.
Got there around 11:30pm, and the place was already bumpin'...you could feel the anticipation in the air.
Goldie came on just after 12:30am, and immediately threw down huuuuge tracks.
The crowd was going absolutely mental from the beginning to end.
Throughout the course of the night, Goldie dropped a wide array of tunes: from the huge floor killers like "Metro Sound", "Grimey", and "Thugged Out Bitch" to rollers like Total Science's "Squash", and into sweeter sounds like "LK" and the "Casino Royale" remix.
I was really surprised at how well the man could mix. In a word: flawless. His energy behind the decks was unbelievable too…always jumping around and feeding off the crowd’s noise.

The thing that made this set special though, was the fact that Goldie was on the decks for almost 3 hours!!! All those who left around 2:30am, missed another solid hour of dubs!!
Goldie even got on the mic and told the crowd how much he appreciated everyone coming out, and thanked us for the support, and for loving the music.
Class act all the way.
He ended off his set perfectly with the new Un-cut tune. Great bassline, and so damn funky.

I really hope we don't have to wait another 5 years to see Goldie again, because that set tonight was one for the ages.
It doesn’t happen often, but in this case, the man lived up to the legend.
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FAWK :( after waiting in line for an hour, i took off. if i had known goldie set would be 3 hours long, i would've waited it out. ah well. next time.


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Originally posted by Stormshadow
I must say, I didn't know what to expect...but that was one fucking sick night.

The thing that made this set special though, was the fact that Goldie was on the decks for almost 3 hours!!! All those who left around 2:30am, missed another solid hour of dubs!!

I totally agree. The last hour of his set confirmed: Goldie is the badman! Honestly, his first 90mins (which i thought was the bulk part of his set at the time) was only decent. I figured this man has access to every record, promo, dub... he shoudnt be spinning anything I hear on the regular.... so what does he do for the last half of his (marathon!!!) set??? Drops pure PORCELAIN!!!! I couldnt think of a better way to start my long weekend, especially since i have exams wed/thus of next week. :D
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I arrived at the Living Room at around 10:30. There was already a small lineup forming at the time. The place was not too bad when I finally got inside. Bar didn't have Heinekens, so I settled for Stella Artois instead. Had I known that I had a dull, nasty-ass headache, I would've gotten something else, but more about that later.

I found out that a good number of people seemed to be your average, run-of-the-mill club kids looking for something different, however the heads started to roll in within an hour. Those who came in early were treated to a set by the Room's resident, RA, alongside MC's P and L Natural. It was fairly obvoius that these guys were hyped over the fact that they were going to accompany Goldie's set.

It has been said that great producers don't equate into great DJ's. Goldie arrived on scene and the place, now jammed to the rafters, went off the fucking hook. His set started off okay, L Natural alongside. By that time my headache was getting unbearable so I did a little walk around. Coming in without hearing protection didn't help matters much either - in fact, the pain got much worse, so it was water and the far lounges for a good part of Goldie's set.

I started to become a little more impressed by the DJ's performance an hour into his set, which had some people (mostly of the female persuasion) dancing on tables and speaker bins. And while I now believe that reloads, not MC's, ruin the set by breaking the party vibe and rhythm (thanks to my experience with the BC jungle scene), the Bad Bwoy got the massive asking for more and more. I forgave him for dropping that Champion Sound Remix since there's nothing better than a little bit of comfort food served by a master chef, as I forgave him for just going through the motions in the first hour of the set. By the time he was done and personally thanked the audience for his support, Goldie went through more than 3 hours of music and 3 MC's - L Natural, P and another MC, and still the audience wanted more. Also, I left the building when he polished off his stay because that headache was killing the hell out of me. I staggered to the Pita Pit, grabbed some food and drink, staggered back to the Living Room to hear the dying moments of Sniper's set, grabbed a cab, arrived home and crashed out.

All in all, it was all good.

High points: a) go-go dancer in blue jumpsuit during RA's set - tres 70's; b) Buddah, Buddah, Buddah; c) that tiny, white, fur-lined loveseat in front of the bronze Buddah; d) couch-a-rama; e) all the free, available lights for the smoking massive everywhere; f) girl in red tee boogying on a speaker bin towards the end of Goldie's set; g) white-shirted go-go dancer, verging on striptease - I danced with her and she damn near smashed my freaking pelvis in the process; h) that swinging couch thingy with gas fireplace - break out the wieners and marshmellows, kiddies; i) Girls, Girls, Grrlz! Makes a Chinese buffet look like bread and water.

Lows: a) dude dancing waaay too uncontrolled - cool down, sonny, it's only a niteclub (also... you're cut off); b) people who get on the dance floor and just STARE! You're no better than floor dwellers at warhouse raves. Remember, this is a niteclub and not the Docks; c) no Heineken; d) my fucking headache; e) some grrl looking for some guy and was going postie for some fucked up reason; f) that bastard-ass Goldie didn't cure my headache (that was a joke. Sheesh!)

Big ups and respect and everything else: L Natural, Marcus, P, Janie(-cakes), Lucid, 2 grrlz who followed me upstairs after I check in my coat, the bar grrl who noticed that I wasn't feeling too good and gave me free water for the rest of the night (she was tipped for that act of kindness), the Pita Pit, that go-go dancer who nearly totaled me, the Living Room...

Hope Goldie touches down in Vic-town.

:cool: Respect Everywhere. http://mrjacques.50megs.com


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In line, I was peeking into the curtains and could see that the place was rammed. I got really antsy and got in just after midnight but they didn't charge us $30, thank God.

I was really pleased to hear some wicked tracks that I've never heard spun before like Hype and Zinc's "Disappear." And Bodyrock (I know it's overrated) was sick. I love that track. Around 12:30, I could hear a faint bass sample and I knew it was "Brown Paper Bag." I WAS IN FUCKING HEAVEN. Nothing like a little Size to hype the crowd up for Goldie.

Goldie came on and blew my mind. I never stopped dancing except for a bathroom break and even that was too much time away from the music. I always love hearing the remix of Casino Royale" and "Snapshot."

This was an anniversary for me cuz I went to see Goldie at Industry 5 years ago with one of my best friends so it was great to see him there. He's the guy who turned me onto d&b.

And I actually found that, even though it was rammed and I got stepped on a lot, the crowd was realy considerate. People actually apologized and gave nods when they bumped into me which is totally okay with me. It's all about respect.

I hope Goldie comes back soon. 5 years is too long! Great time last night.


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good times!

got very drunk... it was fun...

nice meeting you and your friends dr. grinch...

and nice seeing you again janie and mofo...!

and janie, thank your friend for those tokes... ;)


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Wicked night!

i got there at 9.30...the opening DJ was nice...tons of soulful, vocally stuff...good job.

Ra stepped up and threw down a mixed bag og old and new...good to hear Trick of Technology again...ah, the memories:)

Then the Golden one stepped up...honestly, he coulda dropped anything last night and i woulda been happy...his mixing was super tight, he worked the crowd good 'n proper, and he has killer stage presence.

pretty decent crowd too..

shouts to JC, RYan, Sunny, Stormshadow, Tella, Tack One.

massive shout to Juan Love...really enjoyed talking to you...alas, i never got my copy of Timeless signed cuz i had to depart for Hybrid...:(

be good to see Goldie back again soon.


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Originally posted by rentboy
...good to hear Trick of Technology again...ah, the memories:)

i walked in and ToT was just coming on...good omen indeed..

only one word can accuratly discribe last night...PANDEMONIUM...i havent seen goldie since the WMC in miami 2 years ago, and i knew there would be no disappointment...


ps. kate's a lush...
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goldie looks like r.kelly with gold teeth, fereal.

eitherway, a great/scandalous night was definitely had. big up all the usual suspects.


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Or a lighter DMX. Goldie's a fucking sexy muthafucka, I hate to admit. The wife beater and the gold teeth always gets me.
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I had a great night, Tunes!!! I got in at 11:30, I forgot how intimidating it is to go to a club by yourself. Once I got dancing I was alright though! Did anybody hear L Naturel give a shout out to London, Ont? I was like, yep, that's me! Hehe, j/k, I'm sure it was 'cuz Everfresh was there. I left just before 3, I couldn't dance anymore (or so I thought! Hybrid:eek: ) Good times.