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The Bachelor


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Have you heard about this new reality show??? Its on tonight at 9pm.
It looks like it is kind of Temptation Island'ish with a cross of Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire.
They are predicting it is going to be huge but I haven't heard much about it? (it got a -4 star rating... but so did TI)
It isn't on Fox which is so suprising!? ABC has come up with this gem?
Is anyone going to watch?
I have to give it a chance... just cause I love smut like this :D.
But I expect it to suck

The Bachelor

The Bachelor is an original one-hour primetime reality television series that gives one lucky man and 25 lucky women the unique opportunity to find true love.

After an extensive nationwide search, one of America's most eligible bachelors is about to be revealed. An attractive, accomplished businessman who comes from a supportive, close-knit family, this Bachelor has a great sense of humor and a greater sense of adventure, both of which he will need as he embarks on a quest to find true love. Well educated and charming, he begins this search in earnest when introduced to 25 attractive, successful and talented women from all walks of life. Although they had never met the Bachelor, these women were given an opportunity to learn about him beforehand and even see photos.

Over the course of the show, via a series of dates and social gatherings, the number of romantic hopefuls continues to narrow, from 15 to eight, then four and, ultimately, to the one woman who captures his heart.

The show will provide an in-depth, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of each participant involved in this unique dating process. The Bachelor travels to exciting, romantic locations with the ladies, introduces them to his closest friends and his family and visits their hometowns to meet their parents, all in an effort to identify the woman with whom he is most compatible.

At the end of the journey, this young man will have had an unforgettable experience, made new friendships and, quite possibly, found true love. But the big question is: After all of this, if he pops the question, will she accept?

Chris Harrison guides this romantic journey — serving as friend and confidant, as the Bachelor and the women learn more about each other. Having found true love himself with a college sweetheart who is now his wife, Harrison is in a unique position to offer sound advice during this process.

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You figure someone with that much charm & money could get a date on his own.


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I hate reality television. Temptation Island is such a disgusting idea, if any of the couples were truely in love then the idea of satan's island would be a turn-off.

Peace & love. D

Klubmasta Will

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checked out that site.

why the hell is pete sampras looking for a new lady? i thought he was engaged.

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3 adjectives that best describe you: Charming, hilarious, and intelligent

he forgot "humble" and "not a complete dork".


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hunka, hunka burrnin' love

i like his favourite snack - Balance Bars. dumbass can't even enjoy a ho-ho once in a while .... oh wait, he's enjoying 25 of 'em. ;)

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I think this may be worthy of replacing the TI night chez cheeka's evening.

Although, if it's ANYTHING remotely as bad as "who wants to marry a millionaire" I'd rather take a red bath, than watch it.


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This is funny

Having found true love himself with a college sweetheart who is now his wife, Harrison is in a unique position to offer sound advice during this process.
Or, Harrison is in a unique position to "console" 24 freshly rejected hotties lookin' for love! :)


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I was kind of appauled/amused when I saw the ad for this on t.v.
isn't it another who want's to marry a millionaire?!?! The whole reality t.v. is totally getting tacky but I have to admit the smut appeal is pretty high and I will probably end up on Cheeka's couch along with Daddy making fun of the women that entered this contest. :D
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Daddy/Sassy I think we have to give it a run and then decide if its worthy.
I suspect it is going to suck largely though.....

blasphemers! nothing replaces TI night :D!


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All right, so the ones he doesn't pick, and makes them cry and whatnot.

Can I have them? Because dood is blind man. The crying blonde woman who claimed she was a "good person" She was very attractive.


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Originally posted by Lil'Timmy
Can I have them? Because dood is blind man. The crying blonde woman who claimed she was a "good person" She was very attractive.

she reminds me of michelle williams, the girl from dawsons creek and such...

i kinda felt bad for her, but come on, its not like you made some huge connection.

oh nos!!1 you were rejected. pfft! shuddap, you knew it was part of the game.

i'd be afraid though if i was involved with that show that one of the more tempermental girls who got dumped would come onto the set a few days later covered in pipebombs and the likes.


quiet entertaining though, if anything, to see cat fights and cleavage & make fun of the girls like little miss boo-hoo!

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