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The Audio Nerd thread

The Kid

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Looking to try and find a gently used pair of Totem Rokk speakers for what I call my "front room".

Main system is in the basement but as the weather gets nicer, I find myself spending more time in my front room and basking in the sun in the afternoon.

Nothing fancy up front but a simple amp that I can run my laptop through and decent, quality speakers.

I recently noticed Planet of Sound has some decent deals in their used listings...

Used – Planet of Sound

may be worth a poke around...
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I haven't felt too compelled to use headphones at home as I prefer the sound / spatial presentation of my home theater setup. Kind of gave up on high end headphones at home a long time ago, but still have good ones for different use cases.

That said I got some Sony 7506's on a lark given their prestige amongst recording studios and boy are these a homerun for product design. Great balanced presentation, comfortable, great value. As a product geek it's amazing these things hit the right design points decades ago and have just been keeping it real since.
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