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The Ask A Stupid Question Thread


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Hey I don't know if there was a thread like this already so I decided to start one myself.

So I'll start off with my question and it's what does this " <3 " mean? I've googled and yahooed it and I got nadda.


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Originally posted by Fillmore
Can someone explain BRT?
Basically, a thread that serves only a very minimal purpose. Such as a thread titled BRT Fillmore would only mean that the thread is specifically for Fillmores eyes only as the information in said thread would only be for Fillmore.

The ruining is because of the topic inside. If the message is "Fillmore check your Pm's" or somthing like that, it really doesn't leave anything open for intelligent discussion that Tribe.ca messageboard forums are known far and wide for.


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Ahhh now that makes sense. I never understood when people posted BRT"insert name here"

I have been racking my brian trying to figure out the acrynimnumnumnum haha (sp?)


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Originally posted by Agent Smith
Do gay guys ever line up and have anal sex in long trains, kinda like a big accordian?
the longest I've seen is a 4 guy. But yes, they do.