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The anti-whining/bitching/moaning thread


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Mississauga. We're having a small ceremony at his parents' place, under the big tree on their front lawn. Here's hoping it doesn't rain. *knocks on wood* Forecast is looking good, though. :)


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I busted my gazebo this past winter and it was hell trying to get a new one. I have a small hatchback, so I had to enlist my brother-in-law's aid to pick it up. I tried putting it up and it didn't all fit together. Pieces were warped, or missing, and some were not the right size, so it had to be returned (with the help of a friend who had a van). Of course they ran out of them, so I couldn't make an exchange.

I knew I would not have the energy or time to find another one before the end of June, and was worried as they were selling out quick all over the place, but what could I do?

While away on a work trip, my best friend (and my sis), got together to purchase one as an early bday gift. They and some other friends put it up. When I got home, completely exhausted from spending 4 days with 100 kids, I was greeted by my friends, my pup, and a brand new (even larger) gazebo set up on my deck (and of course a bottle of wine). My favourite spot to relax is under my gazebo with a book. They knew I was stressed I didn't have that.

I'm very lucky to have these people in my life. :)

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Two posts in a row, and the last one was in June? I'm hoping you ladies do have wonderful things going on, but just don't feel the need to discuss.

It's been a very long time since I've been this happy overall. A month into school and I have the class from 'heaven' (Knock on wood it stays this way). Now last year, this was the group from 'hell'.. So all of the last years are split to keep certain kids apart. It's working. Yeah, teaching a split is so much more work but I cannot wait to get to class, and my kids are amazing. Most of the classes are. Our new admin has so much to do with it. An amazing leader in our school. So that makes me happy.

Had a great Meet the Teacher Night. The parents are so supportive and fun. I always feel uncomfortable at these things but it was good times, and my jokes went over (Thank God). Also had good times with a teacher friend of mine tonight: wine on the patio, celebrating our 12 years of friendship.

And well, everything else is pretty great as well. Some things I won't discuss, but they are good too. I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Something must be wrong here. However, I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

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A work colleague/friend saw me at my works gym a few days ago and he bbm'd me yesterday to say that i'm 'looking good' and 'congrats on the hard work'. It's nice to see that i'm showing improvements :) I work out a lot and it is a lot of hard work so it's good that it's finally showing haha :) People should compliment ppl more often. That made my day!
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Beer babe

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The last 4 months have been a real turn around for me. I finally feel like i'm in a good place - the first time in almost 3 years. It's been a tough fucking road, but I think happiness is finally in my reach again. :)

I have to say thanks to all you amazing ladies who gave me such great advice and comfort while i was moaning, bitching, and crying on here so much. It was the hardest thing i've ever had to go through and it meant the world that so many of you cared enough to reach out to me. BIG HUGS!!


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So.fucking.happy! Going to vomit all over myself. Lol
Need to vent about it here, lest I make all my friends and facebook people sick.

Just came from the most amazing music/canoe/camping festival weekend I've ever been to. I usually feel so sad after an incredible festival weekend, but for the first time, I feel so happy and completely rejuvanated. Because my life is 100% more sorted out than it's ever been. I know the feelings I get from being at a festival like that will stay with me in my daily life. Feels incred. It was also my b-day at the festival. I started the day with coffee on the beach of the most beautiful river with my bf and 2 besties. Then I got to help make and serve breakfast to 200 wonderful hippies. Then we had a blissful, hilarious day on the rocks at the water, and I even finally had the courage to go topless (something I've been toying with for a while). This really brought me to a level of acceptance about my body I don't think I've ever felt...amazing! My bf surprised me with the most amazing things. Treats from our fave bakery in the city, champagne, tent decorated, b-day girl tiara and button, and all our friends gathered to surprise me. Then an amazing party under the stars, with f'ckn awesome DJs. All night at the party, people came up to me to say happy birthday and give me a hug. I've honestly never felt so special. Best b-day in my life :)

I finally feel like things are really figured out in my life. I am finally with my perfect person who makes my heart, body, and soul SING. He was my best guy friend, and we ended up together! 6 months now. We want the same things in life, which includes moving to Vancouver before the next year is up, and thereafter working towards living more in the interior of BC. For the first time in my life, I know I want to be a mother, and I have a partner I feel confidant about, who will be an awesome dad. We compliment each other so well, and have the same beliefs about how we want to live and what we want to instill in our children. My finances are finally coming together as well.

And this is the best summer ever!

I totally desserve this <3



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ridiculously happy. and moving in with the awesomest BF in January. :)
*does happy dance*

Finally - a relationship with a normal, amazing guy with NO drama. Best Year Ever. Bring on 2014!
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Beer babe

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Congrats, lady! That's awesome! :)

I must say this year has been such a great one. Filled with lots of fun and great experiences. YAAAAY!